120 Bulgarian Nationalist Arrested for Storming Mosque During Friday Prayers

Daily Stormer
February 15, 2014

Nationalists march with torches during a protest in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, on February 14, 2014
Nationalists march with torches during a protest in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, on February 14, 2014

The Bulgarians are a very sturdy folk.  And they hate Muslims perhaps even more than the Greeks.  Though it has gotten little attention internationally, I am very hopeful for the Nationalist movement in this Balkan state.

From AFP:

Bulgarian police arrested Friday more than 120 people after hundreds of stone-throwing nationalists and football hooligans chanting racist slogans tried to storm a mosque in Plovdiv, officials said.

“One policeman and several protesters were injured. Over 120 people were detained” in the central Bulgarian city, interior ministry chief of staff Svetlozar Lazarov told bTV television.

“There was racist and xenophobic chanting and stone throwing,” he said, adding that a tight police cordon prevented attempts by the crowd to “storm” the place of Muslim worship during Friday prayers.

The incident, which comes amid rising anti-foreigner feeling in the European Union’s poorest country, came after a protest by more than 2,000 nationalist and football “ultras” outside Plovdiv’s court of appeal.

They wanted to press judges to overturn an earlier ruling from October to return to Bulgaria’s Grand Mufti another ancient mosque building in the nearby town of Karlovo nationalised in the early 20th century.

The spiritual head of Bulgaria’s large Muslim minority, who make up 13 percent of the population, has launched 26 court claims for 29 properties in different cities in recent years.

  • AB

    I think the muslims in Bulgaria are actually ethnically Turks, not Bulgarian converts.

  • Cleansweep

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  • Salman Hossain

    Bulgaria is 30% Muslim anyways….

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  • Barbarian

    “The Bulgarians are a very sturdy folk. And they hate Muslims perhaps even more than the Greeks” haaa so many mistakes in so many levels. Well Neither the Bulgarians subhuman slavs or greeks hated the Muslims when they were licking Turkish boots. You should do a check on History more importantly look up how Bulgaria gained independence from the Ottoman Empire. The Turks granted Independence to the Bulgarians but why?

    400 years + enjoying Turkish delight, and sending their sisters to Constantinople. Now Greeks and Bulgarians and Serbs are devoted Christians and defenders of the Orthodox church.

    Not to forget Orthodox church and clergy from 1400s-1900s best friends with the Turks.

  • drdeeselixir

    News that Bulgarians are active & rising against the EUSSR is great news. Considering Bulgaria (& Romania) are fairly new members, they’ll increase the weight of the anti-EUSSR patriots v the EUSSR nation-wreckers. This continuing unrest can’t go on indefinitely without something giving & I believe it won’t be too long until the first EUSSR nation/domino falls as none of the peoples support the Zionist Jew/Cultural Marxist EUSSR, only the corrupt pro-EUSSR governing Establishment & their controlled media. The rest will soon follow. When the whole Zionist Jew/Cultural Marxist EUSSR edifice starts to crumble nationalists/patriots must be ready to pick up the mantle to prevent the various Zionist Jew/Marxist fake ‘people’s groups’ from hijacking the people’s revolution and regressing our nations right back to where we started.

  • Rob

    We do out numbered against reds and muzz and we stand our ground. Instead of being a keyboard warrior why don’t you get involved with casuals or the nwi?

    • WG

      + 1

    • Cicero

      Rope too. We need lots of rope. LOL!

  • drdeeselixir

    Why don’t the Muslims & their EUSSR enablers offer to swap the former St Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul -formerly Constantinople – now long since converted to the famous Hagia Sophia mosque – in return for the Plovdiv mosque in Bulgaria. And perhaps plenty of reparations too for the dozens of Christian churches destroyed in Muslim-occupied Cyprus.

    Someone mentioned the other day the EU-Arab MEDEA (Mediterranean European-Arab process) which has been around for quite a while & is a permanent dialogue between these two Mediterranean blocs of nations which is supposed to lead to give-and-take between the EU member-states & the North African (Maghreb) Arab nations that the EUSSR are one day soon, no doubt, going to offer membership of the multicultural EUSSR Federal Superstate of the Regions. As always the give & take between the Arabs & our own treasonous pro-EUSSR governments is always one-way – EU members-states continue to allow genocidal multiculturalism/mass immigration of Arab Muslims into the EUSSR & these EUSSR appeaser-governments make sure that their own European citizens are made aware of the glories of Islamic culture to easier facilitate the Islamic take-over of Europe.

    The MEDEA process is almost unknown by ordinary Europeans as that particular name was substituted from the Barcelona Process with one or two different name changes before that. All a devious Zionist Jew/Cultural Marxist sleight-of-hand to fool their ‘own’ people & make their treason is nigh on impossible to detect, with their controlled media stooges also playing dumb. Yes, the scale of the treachery on White people by these Zionist Jew/Cultural Marxist criminal political gangs is absolutely mind-boggling and no mercy will be shown these traitors when our people finally revolt and come seeking their revenge on their tormentors.

  • Gary Nemeth

    The Bulgarians nationalist success is probably due to the fact
    the Jew puppet US government sees nothing in Bulgaria that
    it wants to steal.