800,000 Immigrunts Granted British Citizenship Under Coalition

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2014

Calling these people ‘British’ is a cruel insult to the genuine British people and the King they are named after.

Almost a million immigrunts have been given British passports since Cameron took the reins of power and promised to cut the amount of immigration.

All the creatures have to do in order to be told they are ‘British’ is just hide in the country away from the Police for 5 years.

It doesn’t matter what race they are, so long as they can pass a test on Britain’s politically correct traditions and universalised customs, then the traitors in government will give them a piece of paper telling them they are a British citizen.

If I lived in a barn for 5 years would that make me a horse?


As many as 800,000 immigrants have been granted British citizenship since the Coalition came to power, new figures reveal.

Full citizenship has been granted to 775,029 immigrants since 2010.

The figures, released by Conservative Immigration Minister James Brokenshire, showed that more immigrants (207,989) received citizenship last year than in any other year since the Coaltion came to power.

Just like in Africa, all the immigrunts do once they get to Calais is sit around demanding to be fed, while they wait to pounce on a truck driver and sneak into Britain.

The most common way for immigrants to become British citizens is through “naturalisation”, according to the Government’s official website.

Immigrants can apply for naturalised citizenship if they have lived in the UK for at least five years, are of good character and “sound mind”, and plan to remain in the country.

They must also prove their knowledge of the English language and pass the Life In The UK test on Britain’s traditions and customs.

Mr Brokenshire revealed the figures in response to a written parliamentary question from Tory Andrew Rosindel, MP for Romford.

According to traditional British history, British people are those descended from Brutus of Troy and his extended family. That does not include anyone who isn’t White.

Calling Negroes and Arabs British, is to make a mockery of our ancestors and heritage.

Which is exactly what those Jew-corrupted traitors in power had in mind all along.

Brutus of Troy looks nothing whatsoever like a Negro or an Arab.
Brutus of Troy looks nothing whatsoever like a Negro or an Arab.


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