America vs ZOG: Ex-NSA Official Promises Rogue Agents Will Overthrow Donald Trump

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2017

The political assassination of General Flynn by rogue agents in the American security apparatus is an alarming moment in American history, but also evidence that our “democracy” is nothing but a now discredited illusion. John Schindler, an ex-NSA employee who curiously writes for Jared Kushner’s New York Observer, has dedicated his column to denigrating and threatening Donald Trump.

Now, he’s on a Twitter rampage claiming that the “intelligence community” (IC) is orchestrating a conspiracy with the Judenpresse to try and overthrow our elected government.

Whether his tweet is true or not, the fact that this loud mouthed wigger was once put in charge of the nation’s surveillance network is a travesty. How many more like him are there?

Traitors in the “Intelligence Community” (also known as ZOG) have been throwing shadow punches since before the election (using their Jew accomplices at the New York Times and Washington Post as the vehicle), but the Flynn resignation means blood has finally been drawn. There is no reason to disbelieve Schindler’s claim. These weasels are being egged on by above-ground Jews like Bill Kristol, Adam Schiff, and Chuck Schumer, all of them being either dual citizens or open agents of Israel.

If you don’t think there’s a connection between the leaked materials coming days before Trump’s meeting with Netanyahu, think again. Netanyahu plays dumb in public just like he stays silent with Russia, but the CIA under ex-Deputy Director David S. Cohen and Mossad have been holding off the record meetings said to be hostile towards Trump since at least last January.

Flynn’s appointment to the role of National Security Adviser was in keeping with Trump’s promise to drain the swamp. Flynn has for years been highly critical of the CIA and NSA, and sought to stamp out the immense corruption within these agencies – which has only metastasized under Bush and Obama – by increasing transparency and accountability.

That means no more off-the-books cash from drug trafficking, taking hitman contracts from Israel, and God knows what else, since the only thing the NSA loves more than leaking Trump’s diplomatic phone calls is child pornography.

Will the deviants and Jews in the deep state succeed? Trump must immediately start cleaning house with grand juries, massive purges, and make examples of Jew journalists like Michael S. Schmidt and Adam Entous currently making the cable news rounds bragging about committing a felony (publishing illegally procured intelligence).

The only way the people of America can take back control of our government is through Trump taking an iron fist to the criminal network that wishes to retain its rule over some evil globalist mongrel empire, and restoring power to the executive branch as it was meant to be. If the President relents for even five minutes, they will destroy him.

Trump has only one ally capable of making a difference: the masses.

So call them out into the streets of Washington, Donald! 

We’re with you!

Notable Replies

  1. who is John Schindler really? a non jew Anthony Wiener style kind of a guy

    how much credibility does John have? i dont think much


  2. If one looks back at the events of the recent election cycle, observes what has been taking place since the inauguration and now this, it is easy to see why, historically, violent measures (such as rounding up enemies, imprisonment, mass executions, etc) are employed. When the enemy has imbedded itself into the legal system, judicial system, education system, academic system and intelligence gathering network, opposing them through the standard (((accepted))) legal channels is not going to work.
    Trump is not some abstract concept or a mythical wind blowing across the landscape. He is just a man. And for him to succeed in accomplishing what he said he would do, then other men will have to be physically involved. In other words, the left is now openly, and violently, working against Trump and proposed programs intended to benefit this people. To stop them, the usual rules will have to be discarded and the actual mechanics of this will involve people that oppose the left, getting physically involved. And there will be casualties in the form of public humiliation, imprisonment, job loss, financial ruin, physical wounds and death. And if they have people close to them in their personal lives, they need to be realistic and know that these people will also be targets.
    My personal opinion is that it doesn't take all that many to push back (sorry. I know...very relative) but ZOG depends on everyone being kept in line by fear (think herd of wildebeests vs a pack of lions).
    History would tell us that the time is probably soon coming in this country, that those who oppose the left, will be at a crossroads. Either accept that they're not going to take the risk, or get ready to fight!

  3. He's doing it.

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