America’s Disgusting & Idiotic Propaganda Posters of World War II

Mike King
Tomato Bubble
October 8, 2013

Propaganda to stir up fear and hatred of Germany:




Propaganda to stir up fear and hatred of Japan:

WW2 US Propaganda Poster against Japanese THIS IS THE ENEMY

This is the Enemy Japan



Propaganda based on religious fear (Even though Germany was Christian and our Soviet “ally” had state imposed Atheism!):


Archives fighting_to_prevent


Propaganda to create a guilt complex:


Archives you_talk_of_sacrifice


Propaganda to make Americans accept misery, rationing and sacrifice:











Propaganda to keep America’s obedient factory laborers working like animals:





Propaganda to keep Americans paranoid and silent:




Propaganda to make cash-strapped Americans buy war bonds:






After the war ended, the idiotic propaganda continued, establishing itself in our history books. Learn the truth about the history changing event known as ‘World War II’. Read: The Bad War

  • ibsharkbait

    You are incredibly ignorant. We were at war with these people. There was nothing disgusting or idiotic about these posters. You obviously have not studied any history. Heaven help you, if it wasn’t for the people who fought, you would be speaking Japanese or German. You are disgusting and idiotic, and brainwashed.

    • fuck you

      you are a retard and YOU are brainwashed the national socialists and “bad guys” did not intend to take over the world and no we would not be speaking german and japanese please kill yourself lowlife

  • Hunter

    >implying that American’s thought they were enduring “misery”
    >implying that factory workers “worked like animals”
    Need I go on?

  • Rodrigo

    Do you speak German or Jap? Then WE WON!

  • Ed

    Just a simple comment. The events in poster #3 happened as described. It is the most historically accurate item on the page.

  • ratkiller

    bigots are merely desperate losers seeking scapegoats for their own shortcomings

  • Matt

    This came in handy for an image ankylosis excessive and was quite interesting, so in that regard, thanks. As to your world view, you’re a piece of garbage.

    • BOB

      Get a life you nerd

  • Me


  • Me

    I do think that disrespecting America is going to make anyone feel better. your hateful comments about America’s effort in WWII to keep America a safe, honest, non-racist country is a good thing. What Hitler and his political party did to those of a different ethnicity or culture was cruel and you sure would not want to be killed over something that you have no control over. Everyone wants to live their life in peace and this page is what is disgusting, not the posters. There may have been hurt feelings of Americans, but they have the right to be after what was taken away from them in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Hitler was an enemy to humanity and he has no excuses for his actions. I feel sympathy for Germany after WWI because the treaties were unfair, but it does not give a German leader the right to make people surrender to him and suffer consequences without substantial reason. Whoever reads anything on this pitiful site, remember that Hitler was an evil person and that you would never want to be put in the place of the victims on WWII.

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  • Seriously?

    I am little bit tired of people making fun of America. Honestly, don’t you have something better to do then waste your time criticizing things you cannot change? Whether you like it or not there is a lot more to America than what you see. Those posters are not idiotic, you know whats idiotic? Hitler publicizing his plans (via book) and the German citizens not even realizing it. If we are going to talk about the past, there you go. They let him destroy Europe, and they could have stopped him. Hitler used propaganda, probably just like America. So don’t go off on our mistakes when there were plenty of others. It may seem like most Americans are lazy and flat out stupid, but I can tell you that you are far from the truth. I really do hope that this “Phase” of insulting America ends soon.

    • Andrew Anglin

      I agree about not insulting America. It is simply that for the good of America, and her future, we must acknowledge that we were wrong to align ourselves with communism against the one man trying to defend European civilization. We need to acknowledge that we were manipulated into this insane war of aggression against Germany, largely through this type of low-level propaganda, so as we do not let such a thing happen again, and so as we can correct the damage that was done by siding with Jewish communists and then letting them destroy our homeland after we helped them win a war.

      The anti-Hitler and anti-German stuff you posted shows that you are still lacking in education on these topics, and need to do more research into the truth of what started WWII. Hitler did not declare war against anyone other than Poland, and this was a result of well-documented (and admitted, still to this day, in mainstream history books) aggressions against him by Poland, along with the fact that he did not want to share a border with the USSR, who was preparing to invade Poland. He had every right to invade. It was France and Germany who had no right to attack him merely for acting in the best interests of his own nation and protecting them from external threat.

      Also, you have not read Mein Kampf, or you wouldn’t repeat the dumb lie that he “said what he was going to do” (nor would you likely have any further hostility toward Hitler, if you knew what he was about from his own words). No such thing happened. I advise you to actually read the book. You might be surprised what you find out.

      Here is a short article from today which elaborates on the dichotomy between what Hitler stood for, and what the Jewish enemy of Western society represents:

      • Jonah

        I don’t quite understand your reasoning, Sure Hitler was not the original aggressor and blah blah , but these posters were not trying to be educational. they were war bond posters. Exhortations to buy war bonds are often accompanied with appeals to patriotism and conscience. The average American would see these posters and be affected, or made to feel guilty, (maybe a little rude) but productive nonetheless. So saying these are “idiotic” is quite idiotic. sure if these posters had no influence on any American person, they would be idiotic. and to say they are disgusting? well friend it was a war. not exactly for the faint of heart.

  • Person

    I swear you people use the most intelligent language to justify your small mindedness and dislike for other groups of people. Unless this whole site is satire at which point I missed the point completely.

    • Hunter


  • J. L

    It’s such disposable propaganda.. you could replace German imagery with Jewish imagery for example and it’d give the same message. At least with German war time propaganda they were at least accurate. I forget the name of that big american monster with a cage full of slaves for its belly, a missile on its leg crushing a german building, and a little jewy bankster with a sack of dollars riding on back of its fist.

    The american anti-german propaganda, in comparison, was intellectually and philosophically… and artistically… vacant.

    • Andrew Anglin

      I think artistically, they are quite well done, from the most part.

      I think the poster you are referring to was a Dutch one that had the monster wearing a KKK hood.

      Though I don’t blame them, I also don’t appreciate the way some of the German propaganda accused Americans of mistreating colored folk. I suppose we were more “racist” than them, and this is an interesting point, historically, but it needs to be put in context – they were never forced to live alongside hundreds of thousands of blacks.

      • J. L

        Kultur Terror! That’s exactly right!

        And the unshackled convict with the machine gun as the other arm, I forgot to mention that because I usually do; it signifies the caliber of some of troops who were being thrown at them.

        Artistically the American stuff doesn’t come up to scratch when it’s compared to Kultur Terror, for example. I’m sure there are some poor quality German posters from the same era but it just seems like the majority of the American stuff was a generic mass appeal “copy paste an enemy here” type of thing without much in the way of substance.

        I’m not saying this for the sake of talking down to Americans about their art, I’m looking at in context; one side had a cause and displayed it and advertised it, and the other side put out a lot of generic garbage to demonize the other side without really saying anything other than “bad people”. It says something about the mentality of both sides at the time. Remember, an average America would have seen one of these posters and enlisted because of it.

        • Andrew Anglin

          Yes, I get you. There was no clear ideology being presented, nor was the enemy chacterized as ideologically dangerous, we were just told “this is the bad guy.” Definitely correct. Can’t blame the artist for that though – he didn’t have anything to work with. Framing the Germans as enemies of Christ was about as much as they could come up with, given the situation they were in.

          Stylistically though, some of the posters are very good.

      • Aaron Wauters

        First of all the word white encompasses a race, not a specie, so Some Aliens are white nordics, they are advanced enough to be able to travel the universe. On earth we have two major white groups, cro-magnons and neanderthals, neanderthals were white, but they were a different specie. Germans were Nordic Cro=magnons with deep genetic ties to the etraterrestrial nordic ansestors, so they were more advanced and had a relationship with nature, the animal kingdoms and had no repulsion or fear or envy of any non-white races, infact they took many of them under their wing, they felt sorry for them and sympathized with them, with they’re struggle against the christian capitalist west, the same structure that oppressed them economically and spiritualy, so they were spiritual allies of all non-whites against the corrupt white system, a white masonic system, infact the masons invented the term “white race”, just like they had the “white house” it’s all connected, this is why Gemans rarley called themselves white, they were happy enough to be Aryans, which means nobel, and in that context all of nature, all the animal kingdoms, all the non-white races, the whole universe is Aryan, it was ONLY the whites who were not Aryans, and the only Whites who were Aryans were the Nazis.

        So white means something, but if misused it could be a vauge term with no meaning.
        The White race encompasses all of Europe, the Irish are white, so are the Germans, so are the slavs, so were the neanderthals, and if you injected white dna into a dog, guess what? It would be a white dog.
        The most advanced of all races and mixed races including the jews need to unite to create a new world, and science should work on allowing the white germanic-scandinavian race to evolve to it’s highest potential, eugenics for Germans and Scandinavians is a good thing. Irish cannot evolve to the level the Germans can, but improving the genes of every race should be a goal, and especially the Germanic-Scandinavian ones.
        When you say “we were forced to live with thousands of blacks”…… you weren’t!
        Your ansestors chose to have them as slaves, you did not see the Germans do that now did you? The Germans like the cro-magnon struggle against the neanderthals had a struggle against the slavs, and when they conqured them they planned on making them slaves, servants, labourers, and planned on allowing the most evolved among them some freedom. Now they knew that if a German impregnated a Pole or Russian or Ukrainian the offspring would still be white. Americans knew full well that where slavery exists, race mixing follows, but like dummies they had black slaves!

        Now in the world of the future multiculturalism and eugenics must co exist, and all negetive neanderthal traits must be bred out of the white race.

        Vegetarianism must become the diet of all civilizations, and all cruelty to animals must be illegal.

  • truthspeech

    I understand the critical attitude that led to posting this article, and that inspired two of the comments here so far, namely that the cause represented by these works was a lie and against white interests.

    But let’s be sure to acknowledge the value in the actual approach and the artwork.

    Please take a look specifically at the following 3 images (which happen to be all Japanese related), numbered from the top of the page down:

    #4 from top
    #5 from top
    very bottom image

    In each one, a white woman is menaced by a Japanese.

    Please imagine one just like those 3, but with the following composition:

    An attractive idealized white woman in the foreground
    Behind her, a larger shirtless black man with prominent negroid features, i.e. large lips, very broad nose, prognathous jaw (bottom half of face juts out beyond the plane of the eyes)
    His black hands are menacingly on each side of her bare white shoulders

    What feeling does that inspire in you? Probably a mix of fear, repugnance, anger, desire to fight. Why? Because THAT FEELING IS IN OUR GENES. We have a natural instinct, a natural repulsion, to the idea of sexual congress between the two (with sexual congress leading to breeding). And this is more powerful, more fundamental that even the powerful Jew-brainwashing all around us of images of whites interbreeding with blacks that hypnotize our rational higher-brain into ignoring those existing feelings and instincts of the gut-level primal brain.

    If, for example, you created such a poster where whites (and especially white women) could see it, you wouldn’t even need to put any text with it! They would get it, instinctively, and it would help shake off all the very pervasive but less powerful false-reality images pushed by the Jews.

    • J. L

      Challenge Accepted!

  • yo_Hadrian

    good for a laugh

  • O*R*I*O*N

    Proves that propaganda works.

  • TD

    Kruschev said ‘Americans are so stupid, you can spit in their eye and tell them its dew.’

    I think he was spot on with regard to the majority of Americans..



    • T

      This is really swell coming from an uneducated fascist idiot. Congratulations, your horrid grammar and lack of knowledge proves your comment is not only hypocritical but a waste of space.

    • T

      I think you’re an ignorant swine who is quoting a mass murderer. Open your eyes, ignoramus.

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