Andrew Anglin: Final Apology for Vladimir Putin

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 12, 2014

Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin.

Firstly, the title is probably not true. There will likely be more apologies for Vladimir Putin featured on this site.

There has simply been a built-up of confusion, which I must address at some length at present.

Firstly, as so much of the confusion has come from various detractors greatly misstating my positions, allow me to explicate what I have not said about the Vladimir Putin situation:

-Vladimir Putin will save us
-Vladimir Putin is a White nationalist
-We cannot save ourselves, Vladimir Putin must do it
-We should trust Vladimir Putin no matter what
-It is great that Vladimir Putin is anti-NSDAP
-Vladimir Putin is the new Hitler
-Vladimir Putin has a secret plan

Conversely, what I have said about situation: Vladimir Putin:

-Vladimir Putin is a defender of the Russian people and has done a lot of good for them
-Vladimir Putin is probably not part of a Jewish conspiracy
-Vladimir Putin is standing against the western establishment
-Vladimir Putin appears to be creating a traditional society, which could be a significant ally for other nations seeking to reestablish tradition

Though it is highly disappointing that my position on this man and his country continues to be misconstrued, but this may be partially my fault.

I have, in the course of covering the Ukraine situation, used poetic license, which I thought could be taken as such, but which it seems some people do not clearly understand.

It is possible that when having quite a bit of fun writing the articles, I took the romanticism and poetic license beyond what was reasonable, but it is only a vocal minority which appears to have taken things that way. What was intended was to provide positive propaganda in response to the negative propaganda of the establishment media.

If we look at what I have actually written, all I have said is that the situation looks very positive, and that we should be able to draw inspiration from the fact that Putin is a man standing up for his people and moral principle.

For instance, he has:

Raised the (White) Russian birthrate
Banned homosexualist propaganda
Nationalized the oil fields
Increased the economy by 1000%
Rebuilt the church (23,000 of them) and put it at the center of Russian society
Spoken up for traditional values, against multiculturalism
-Stood against the Western system of conquest by supporting Syria and Iran
Put Pussy Riot in prison
Prosecuted many big Jew criminals
Spoken out against the Islamic/immigrant invasion
Been friendly with the European far-right
Banned blasphemy
Reinstated the Cossacks as guardians of Moscow

And I have never denied any of the negatives, which, in my perception, are as follows:

He has confirmed the alleged Holocaust
Been friendly with Jews
-Taken a vocal stance against historical National Socialism
Imprisoned people for saying they are going to kill blacks and liberals
-Allowed a non-White minority of 3-6% in Moscow

In my perception – which I admit is only a personal perception – the latter may not outweigh the former, but it surely does not negate it, either.

When I began supporting Putin strongly during the onset of the Crimean crisis, this site began receiving hundreds of comments, containing links to skewed or outright false information from people who had never posted before – a clearly concerted effort by some group to attempt to confuse what was happening – which led me to further believe there was a shill agenda against Putin, an attempt to confuse the people. This is much of what I have responded to.

No leader since the death of Hitler has done more for his people and their traditions than Putin (save perhaps the various leaders of Israel, if you want to count that). This is really just an objective fact. Arguing that he is a “hero” or what-have-you is a separate issue, and much more subjective. Though I imagine the Russian people very much view him as a hero.

He has the people in his palm.
He has the people in his palm.

People became slightly confused last week when I posted an article about Russia’s consideration of “Anti-Nazi” legislation, saying “oh, so now you see the truth – Putin is totally controlled by the Jews!” or some such similar thing.

This is not the case. My position has remained constant, and will until something changes.

I have always said that we should be objective in analyzing everything.

I can admit that I have high-hopes for Putin. I hope that he will further align Russia with traditionalist and far-right elements within Europe. This may or may not happen, but it seems very likely that it will.

The bottom line here is that as long as Putin is doing good, I will support him. Of course, I will draw attention to situation where Russia is pro-Jewish, or suppressing the rights of nationalists, as I have done, consistently.

In early March, I outlined three distinct possibilities on the nature of Putin.

There are three distinct possibilities of who and what Putin is:

a.) he is a shill, secretly controlled by the Jews, and all events are staged for reasons as of yet unclear,

b.) he is a patriotic Russian, defending the interests of his nation and securing a legacy, and

c.) he is a heroic and mythical figure, prepared to take on the evil which plagues us and save Europe

My position, presently, is that he is “b,” though he is in the process of demonstrating that he has the capacity to become “c.”

I have dismissed “a” as all but completely impossible. It simply does not follow logically, unless you take an extreme conspiracist view, where all world events are staged as hoaxes. Those who take this view then make up, as an afterthought, what the purposes of these alleged hoaxes are, and they don’t tend to make any sense. But they don’t really seem to care, because their purpose is to push the hoax, either because it makes them feel intelligent and special, for having figured out something secret that no one else knows, or for some other reason.

Nothing, that I am aware of, has changed, and so has my position remained the same.

Conspiracy? Mayhaps...
Conspiracy? Mayhaps…

Anti-Nazi Putin

For those who are hung-up on Putin’s rhetoric regarding the historical National Socialists, I can only say that for Russia, defeating the big bad Nazis is a huge part of the national identity, and something which it is simply strategic and logical to embrace. Of course, I do not like this. But neither do I think it is a terribly huge issue, given the nature and history of Russia.

If he bans Holocaust denial, this will be something else. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Much more disturbing to me personally than his stated dislike of the historical NSDAP is his rhetoric about the Jew-run terrorists in the Ukraine being Nazi Antisemites.

In some sense, maybe they were “Neo-Nazis,” depending on how you define that term, but the accusations of Antisemitism are clearly false. These people really, really love Jews. Of course, it does seem that Putin was merely playing with modern memes, but it is rather distasteful.

A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma

The policy of the Daily Stormer is to make things black and white and state them plainly without much room for disagreement or confusion. However, with Putin this is difficult to do, as he does things which are fantastic and also does things which are upsetting.

The important thing is to be objective. I am committed to doing this.

Again, as long as he is doing good, I will continue to support him. If things change, I will let you know.

Lastly, I would note that I am in good company in supporting Putin over his opposition.

Again, the main relevance of Putin to me is his capacity, and apparent willingness, to serve as an ally for forces within Europe, along with his ability and willingness to stand against mutual enemies.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

Hail Victory
Andrew Anglin

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