Another Victory as Proud Nazi Dies Free Instead of Being Locked Up and Tortured by Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2015

Soren Kam

A top wanted Nazi who escaped the wrath of the Jews has passed on to the other side, peacefully at the ripe and fine age of 93.

Good things are happening every day, people.  He died free and unrepentant, and the Jews are stomping their feet and whining they didn’t get a chance to humiliate and torture him.

May God rest his soul.

The Independent:

One of the most wanted Nazis in the world has died aged 93 without having been punished for a murder conviction.

Danish former volunteer officer and war criminal Soren Kam died on 23 March, just a little more than a fortnight after his wife passed away – according to the German newspaper Allgauer Zeitung as reported by Reuters.

Kam was the fifth-most wanted war criminal by Jewish rights organisation Simon Wiesenthal Center, that seeks to bring former Nazis to justice and educate about the Holocaust.

The Dane had been a volunteer officer in the Schalburg Corps, a SS-Viking division, and was one of three men who killed Danish anti-Nazi newspaper editor Carl Henrik Clemmensen in 1943.

A Danish court convicted him in absentia of the murder after the war. Another man was executed for the same crime.

Kam had fled to Germany where he obtained citizenship in 1956 and his new home country had refused to extradite him to Denmark several times, according to Danish media.

“The fact that Soren Kam, a totally unrepentant Nazi murderer, died a free man in Kempten (Germany), is a terrible failure of the Bavarian judicial authorities,” Dr Efraim Zuroff, from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, said in the statement.

“Kam should have finished his miserable life in jail, whether in Denmark or Germany. The failure to hold him accountable will only inspire the contemporary heirs of the Nazis to consider following in his footsteps,” Dr Zuroff added.

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