Anthony Refuses to Apologize as Fans Rally Behind Him

July 8, 2014


So far Anthony Cumia is refusing to apologize and fans seem to be rallying around him.

“Sirius decided to cave and fire me. Welcome to bizarro world… F*ck Sirius. My posts on Twitter after I was assaulted were profanity laced indeed but racist? Nope. Why should I afford my attacker any courtesy. Insane,” – Anothy Cumia of the Opie & Anthony Show

Meanwhile, the “mainstream media” is responding with articles that can only be described as a hoax version of what happened.

Cumia says he was attacked by a black female perpetrator in Times Square. She punched him ten times while screaming “white motherf*ck*r.” She was backed up by numerous black males.

Cumia is world famous for being a shock jock and having a crude no-holds barred radio talk show on SiriusXM. Cumia posted profanity laced tweets describing the attack on twitter. The media has responding by accusing Cumia of being “racist,” while refusing to print the actual details of the attack.

Some media articles are claiming Cumia simply “had an argument with a fan.”

The reporting is just further evidence to everyone that the “mainstream media” is a fraud.

Many were expecting Anthony Cumia to do a Paula Deen, Axl Rose, Micheal Richards, or Phil Anselmo style self-deprecating apology/grovel fest.

So far that has not happened, and fans are standing by the host. An online petition directed at SiriusXm is almost up to 15,000 people.

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  • canolaisrapeseed

    Daily Stormer regulars uniformly recognize Bailey Jay due only to a search engine accident.

    They thought “t-girls” stood for teutonic girls…

    Apparently, it does not.

  • canolaisrapeseed

    CofCC stands for Council of Conservative Chix with Dix?

    I did not know that…

  • Cato

    Once again the jew attacks. This time a nice Northern Italian brood. The assualt wont stop until YOU stand firm.

  • cOrPsE
  • cOrPsE

    Stop focusing on the bad you crybaby faggots. Yes he is a degenerate. Yes he has the stance of “I dont care about gays because it doesn’t affect me”. Big deal. He obviously isn’t as hardcore as most of us. He hasn’t looked into it that much I assume. If you haven’t, his stance somewhat makes sense. However he is against racial mixing (he has said it disgusts him on air). He is pro gun. Well you get the point. Jesus christ nothing will ever please you faggots.

    • Guest

      Does he Yodel in the valley of Miss Heidi of The Alps is what I want to know?

    • Charlie Baud

      Why are you so displeased that we other people have higher standards for who they support?

      Ant is a good entertainer, but not the figure we need to rally behind.

      • cOrPsE

        Its annoying because of all the stuff I’ve heard him say. He may not be 100% like us, but he is about as good as I’ve seen any celebrity every. I’m not saying we worship him or anything. Just saying why focus on the bad? I bet he has made thousands of people wake up to white guilt. He constantly shit talks political correctness and white guilt. On that alone, i can get behind him no matter what since he other stances are just not ones he really talks about or gives a shit.

        • jovetta

          But his nose look Jewish. 😉

          • Cato

            lol, lets keep whining and never rally behind anyone. It sounds like Libertarian faggotism.

            If he is for the race, we as National Socialists can work with him.

            The pamphlet piques curiosity, the orator wins their minds with truth.

        • Charlie Baud

          There are two issues. One is whether or not he is in the right in his current prediciment, and most everybody on the site believes he is.

          The second is if that alone makes him worthy of uncritical admiration, which is a more difficult idea to get behind.

  • Thomas

    Atleast the tranny degenerate can’t produce Mixed race offspring. Oh wait, the libtards still let them recruit I mean adopt.

  • Charlie Baud

    I’m still skeptical of making Ant into a hero. He supported the gay agenda for years and deliberatly avoided addressing Jewish control of the media when the heart was on in the past.

  • Mentious

    More and more will soon refuse to worship the Jew or the values he has covertly raised up in front of us to be worshipped.

  • Thorshammer88

    This Anthony character is a degenerate traitor and deserves to be executed, not hailed as a hero.

    • TheTransceiver

      Yes, yes, and yes.

    • carlos

      traitor? and whom he betrayed, since he is not white ?

  • Clark

    This is how you know Cumia is cool.

    • The Dude

      Hitler was a kikey kike piece of smelly jew shit, like you. Can’t wait till real Whites flush you kosher Nazis down the toilet.

      • Sven Longshanks

        Dude, if you are anti-Hitler, then what are you doing here? You have been here long enough to learn better by now.

        • Clark

          I don’t get it either, Sven. This fool is just a mixed up individual. You and I, even Andre and I, differ on points but it’s never crossed my mind to accuse you of being a kike. Ridiculous. Aside from that, how could anyone gather the Third Reich was kosher™?

        • Krsnik

          TheJude has shown his troll face recently.

        • Vlad the Impaler

          I ignore him. Kind of like a smelly turd

  • Tony

    Jesus in Heaven, that’s repulsive and an abomination. It should be put down.

  • vincit omnia veritas

    Is that his eccentric brother in the picture with him?

    • Clark

      Brother Joe’s not that eccentric…

  • Iniyavel Sugumar

    Muh Holohoax!!! Why? Because we know they are lying. We actually know the truth of the incident.

  • cOrPsE

    Cumia isn’t into trannies. Its jim norton who is, he is the 3rd wheel of the show. I’m sure he took the picture for publicity. That tranny is really famous on the internet even to people who aren’t into that shit.

    • Saxon X

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Jim Norton. He single-handedly ruined the show on eugenics. He strikes me as a sad, depraved man.

      • cOrPsE

        Totally agree.

        • Guest

          The broad in the pic is a shemale?

  • Cristero

    Congratulations Andrew! You’ve got Alex “jew-wife” Jones talking about White Genocide nowadays, I literally never thought I’d see the day, lol…. Don’t let him steal that narrative.

  • Harvey

    What the fuck is wrong with you. Hu?


    CofCC stands behind Cumia because like CofCC and such luminaries as Colin Flaherty all “know” niggers are the primary threat White sheeple face. Let’s keep focussing on the mess on the floor while we ignore the gaping hole in the ceiling. CofCC is controlled opposition.

    • vincit omnia veritas


      What constructive purpose could it serve to bash the Council of Conservative Citizens? I happen to like CofCC and think they bring to light the problem of black on white violence that is intentionally hushed up in the mainstream media. Why attack fellow compatriots in this life and death struggle we are all a part of?

      • DICARLO

        Black on White violence is so commonplace that only someone deaf, dumb, and blind, wouldn’t be aware of it. But jews, the orchestrators of it all, are never outed at CofCC. In fact, comment on jew perfidy and involvement at CofCC and your account will be removed. If you feel that people who protect the jews are your compatriots, that’s your problem. CofCC is controlled opposition and subservient to the jews they potect and their stories are a diversion from who the real culprits are.

  • plutonymous

    i hope you get banned

    • Erin

      What is the matter with you…
      I am showing you exactly what you are looking at….
      This is Cultural Marxism, White Genocide and Toxic Feminism all rolled up into one disgusting creature that infests the Western World.
      If you don’t recognize that, then YOU are the one who shouldn’t be here….

      • Nationalist4UK

        Well said. There should be an article ripping into Bailey Jay! Where are all the real men gone?

      • Sven Longshanks

        If you post stuff like that again you will be banned Erin.

        • Erin

          How dare you threaten me, Sven Longshanks….,
          That picture is the creature Bailey Jay, the freak in the picture with Cumia above.
          That creature embodies the very thing that you profess as your mortal enemy…..
          The sweet little tranny face in the original picture belies the truth which is that this anomaly, uncloaked, is the very enemy incarnate….it couldn’t be more evil if it were the devil itself…It is the culmination of Cultural Marxism, Jew propaganda, toxic feminism and the total destruction of the Western European Christian tradition.
          That, my friend, is the symbol in your face….
          Don’t you dare threaten me when I show you the truth….
          Ban me? You hypocrite….I wouldn’t stoop to cast the pearls of truth here among the rooting swine…..

          • guest1

            Im assuming you posted a graphic picture of that freak abomination above, however we all know what it is and most if not all of us would prefer not to see that crap.

          • Guest

            So you’re saying you’d let her blow you?

          • guest1

            Shalom Erin, is everything ok at home? Do you want to talk?

          • Vincent Nunes

            She-males are wholly different from transexuals…that said, let me do some research. I don’t know anything about this person.

            Just wanted to add – over 22,000 signed the petition!

        • DDDDuane

          I didn’t notice anything offensive from Erin…Unless you removed it…

          When I looked at the photo above I just thought it was a mixed race woman…
          With other races genders are not always clear….
          Especially with fat negros…

  • Denise

    Bless him – so far.

  • Opus

    He is lucky to be in America with its 1st Amendment (even as he seeks a new job). Had he been British he would be charged and undoubtedly imprisoned for a considerable period of time following a fair trial.

  • guest1

    That fag has a dick

  • Jonathon R

    Will he cave? Depends on how much dirt they have on him.

    Over/under is 72 hours from now.

    I’m not sure how good an odds maker I am lol!

    • guest1

      Well he’s hanging out with trannies, so………..

      • Jonathon R

        Really? Yikes! If he hangs with trannies in public. …

        • Andrew Anglin

          Is that really a tranny?

          I guess the show is pretty degenerate, I’ve never heard it. But it doesn’t really matter. If he is pushing things to the right on the black issue, the drama is good for Whites.

          • thehumblespartan

            That thing’s name is Bailey Jay, and is one of Cumia’s best friend apparently.

          • Krsnik

            Lol. Best friends with a tranny. I guess you don’t get to be a shock jock by keeping normal company.

          • Truth

            Went to a friends wedding once. The best looking woman in the church was a guy. WTF is this world coming to?

  • Benjamin Garland

    This guy could talk to loads of people with a simple podcast which would be free to produce. Very interesting that he is happily not backing down. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.