Antifa Who Attacked Spencer Confirmed to be Poop-Eating Cuckold Slave?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 21, 2017

So, here’s the guy who attacked Spencer.

Video confirmation from HAarlem VEnison, who chased him down after the attack.

Strangely – or not – this man appears to be a professional cuckold and poop-eating slave.

Specifically, he is fetish porn star Mandy Flores’ salve, “Slave Ray.”

“Slave Ray” is on video having the hair stripped off his scrotum with tape, eating feces and performing oral sex on men.


There is no guaranteed confirmation as of yet – there probably will be soon – but this info comes straight from /pol/, whom I have been told is always right.

It is somewhat logical that this would be the same guy. There is a story here you can follow. Firstly, most antifa are between the ages of 12 and 22. This isn’t a political group that tends to attract men in their fifties. Then you have this weird slave master woman. The theory would be that she is attracted to the bad boy Nazi Richard Spencer, who is becoming a sex symbol.

So she sends her slave to attack him, thus “dominating” him by proxy.

Anyway, if it wasn’t this guy, than whoever it was has a story just a weird – I can tell you that.

Let us never forget that this is the enemy.

This, a bunch of slimy feminine Jews, women, homosexuals – that is who we are fighting.

It’s a fight we should be able to win, no?


Top investigators have found the alleged workplace and alleged identity of “Slave Ray.”

He is alleged to be Ray Bailey, Audit Manager at Richard P. Loughlin, CPA in Henderson, Texas.

Here are side-by-side comparisons.

The mole on the forehead of Ray Bailey is identical to the mole on the forehead of “Slave Ray.” Unfortunately, we can’t see the mole on the face of Spencer’s attacker. At least I can’t. Maybe further analysis can be done if we can break it down frame by frame. The above YouTube video is relatively high quality.


An antifa from Washington named Jonathan Lauder is following Mandy on Twitter, as well as following multiple DSA accounts. A DSA poster was being held up in the background when Spencer was attacked.

Mandy is herself from Washington, and Lauder has in his Twitter profile that he is into BDSM and fetish sex, which would indicate they may know each other personally (probably do, BDSM scenes are presumably relatively small). He is only following 95 people.

Also, one of our guys hit up Mandy on Twitter, and she said “Slave Ray” is dead.

However, if “Slave Ray” is in fact Ray Bailey (LOOK AT THE FOREHEAD MOLE), then he is definitely not dead, and is in actual fact working as a CPA in Texas.

So why would she lie about him being dead? Unless she is covering for him?

This is all mere questioning, none of it is confirmed.


“Slave Ray” confirmed to be named “Mr. Bailey.”

Here’s a screenshot of the information from a site I won’t link. The Screenshot just shows words, but I wouldn’t read it if I were you. Unless you really need proof. It’s the description of a porn video that is the worst thing I’ve ever read in my life. But he is referred to a “Mr. Bailey.”

In the description, she is saying he died – just as she said in the above twitter DM – but that was obviously just an excuse for when they stopped making these videos together. Because someone named Ray Bailey – with the exact same mole – is still working as a CPA in Texas. Unless they haven’t updated that site since he died in 2015.


Spencer has filed a police report.

I thought for a minute there he was just going to be all like “nah, it ain’t no thing.”

But we have to nail Slave Ray to make it known forever that antifa are a bunch of dick-sucking, shit-eating weirdos.

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