Jew Tells Other Jews to Tone Down Their Hatred of Gentiles Because Anti-Semitism is Rising

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2017

We appear to have total radio silence from the Jewish anti-white hate machine on the Chicago hate crime case.

Outside of a couple truly retarded nigger lemmings, there were few editorials exalting or excusing the attack. For the first time in my lifetime, the media sort of discussed the crime as what it was, and there was even a police press conference where it was announced as a black-on-white crime driven at least partially by racial bigotry.

Where is Jesse Benn? Noel Ignatiev? Matthew Yglesias? Sally Kohn? Not even Tim Wise? I looked through Jew-Twitter and was sorely disappointed. The Washington-NYC-LA media Hillel has kept quiet – too quiet.

If they keep this new policy in place, I might be temporarily out of a job soon.

But don’t be fooled; this pull-back isn’t because this ancient race of civilization-retarders have had a sudden change of heart. Their main dilemma is that the goyim know, can’t be shut down and now every Jewish act of aggression is being tallied. Lists are being made. Any future transgression could very well be the straw that broke the Camel-Face’s back.

Their main instrument of control (the mass media) continues to tumble down the list, somewhere in between airline crashes and brain cancer in terms of popular support. Without credibility – in other words, actually reporting what’s happening in America – Jewish power is highly exposed. It is now, with Judah’s sallow belly temporarily exposed, that we must drive the lance with all our might. Who would’ve known it could be this easy – the emperor is but a mortal man!

Jewish intellectuals are now rushing to try and clean-up the mess, writing op-ed telling their kinsmen to chill-out and pull-back. Here is the latest example of this trend, written by a practitioner of “Reform Judaism” (the most assimilated Jews), calling for other Jews to stop using the word “Christian” as a slur.

The Forward:

Given the vagaries of Jewish history, it’s not surprising that the term “Christian” became an intrafaith Jewish slur; Jews have a fraught and painful history with Christianity and the church. The Catholic Church was behind the Inquisition and drove the Crusades; Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism, was viciously anti-Semitic, and supersessionism (the belief that Christianity has fulfilled and replaced Judaism) along with anti-Judaism has been at the root of acts of anti-Semitic violence throughout ancient — and modern — history. In such contexts, calling other Jews “Christians” became a melodramatic way of saying that they were traitors, had abandoned (in action, deed or thought) the Jewish community and had crossed a bright line. People called Spinoza a Christian, along with Isaac Mayer Wise and various Reform rabbis throughout history….

One thousand years later, in a world in which anti-Semitism is on the rise and the word “Jew” is being used as a slur, it’s critical that we not fall prey to the old trope of Us vs. Them. When we use language, jokingly or not, about “the goyim” or about “shiksas,” or when we use the word “Christian” as a slur, our language separates us from our friends and neighbors. None of us, as people of faith, can afford that.

There is a strong sense within organized Jewry that animosity towards Jews is rising – this time for real. They are right, and there is a push within the nerve center of this international hydra to lay off the Goyim and refresh cross-sectarian Jewish unity for a while until things are back to normal. That is why you’re seeing more and more talk about anti-Semitism in newspapers like The Forward, Haaretz, and the Jerusalem Post, and less talk about it in the Jew-To-Goyim publications like the New York Times and Washington Post.

The failure Jews have faced (so far) in trying to hijack the growing Alt-Right movement has given them extra worries, which explains why more and more Jews are coming out of nowhere with crap like ProudBoy and giving Milo a book deal with virulently anti-white publishing firm Simon & Schuster (a subsidiary of the CBS Corporation – owned by the Jew Sumner Redstone and fellow chosenite Leslie Moonves).

CBS has been at the forefront of the Jewish back-pedal. Negroes in the media such as Greg Braxton, who have been trained to actually believe they matter outside of being pawns in a Jewish chess game, have loudly complained about CBS’ new primetime lineup, which is composed entirely of non-Jewish white male leads. The Jewish president of CBS Entertainment Glenn Geller has mostly blown these complaints off.

LA Times:

When CBS presents its fall programs at the Television Critics Assn. summer press tour this week, its lineup will include three new comedies built around TV veterans Kevin James, Matt LeBlanc and Joel McHale; a tech-infused medical drama with Dermot Mulroney, a legal drama with Michael Weatherly and a reboot of “MacGyver” starring Lucas Till. Six new shows that all star white men.

Acknowledging CBS’ shortfall of nonwhite leads in the new shows that will kick off its fall season, CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller maintained that diversity has been and remains a priority.

“Look, we need to do better and we know it,” Geller said last week in an interview. “In terms of year to year, looking at the leads, we are less diverse than last year.”

As for supporting roles, Geller said, “We actually are more diverse this year than last year on our new shows in terms of our ensemble casts.”

With race taking center stage in the national dialogue through the #BlackLivesMatter movement and on the presidential campaign, the absence of minorities in lead roles on the CBS fall slate Geller first introduced in May seemed particularly striking, especially when he had promised five months earlier that the network would improve its diversity presence and that casting for the fall season would be “color conscious, not colorblind.”

The Rabbi who founded the “Museum of Tolerance,” Marvin Hier, appears defiant in posing with Trump – who while not a necessary opponent of Jews, is perceived by them as the catalyst for their careful retreat. Hier will be one of the “religious” leaders who will be at Trump’s inauguration, and I doubt he’s as excited as he pretends to be, but the lack of a Rabbi at this event would only draw more attention to the Tribe.

Time will tell if Jews will continue to back off, or choose to double down and charge us harder. With popular anger rising to brand new heights, it strikes me as difficult for them to continue what they’ve been doing for the past decade without having a death wish. But I’m hedging my bet on Jews letting their black, homosexual and feminist surrogates do all the talking for now.

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