Asian Girl Dies in Coma After Savage Beating by Mestizoes Outside Night Club

January 22, 2014

Kim Pham.
Kim Pham.

Kim Pham, a 23-year-old woman beaten into a coma outside a Santa Ana, Calif., night club, died after being taken off life support, her family said.

Pham was declared brain dead but was being kept alive on a ventilator until her organs could be donated, a decision her family didn’t know she made until she was fatally injured, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

Pham was waiting outside The Crosby with friends shortly after midnight Saturday when an argument began with another group. One of Pham’s friends said the confrontation may have been unintentionally triggered by Pham when she accidentally walked in front of a camera as the other group posed for a photograph.

Santa Ana police said a woman, a Santa Monica resident in her 20s, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily harm.

Police were searching for two men and two women still at large, described as Latinos 20 to 25 years of age.

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  • Billy Ray Jenkins

    Guarantee this was over a boy.

  • Don

    Another great example of Hispanics and their conservative family values. These people are savages.

    • The Voice

      Ok ignorant. people like you causes others to die because of racism, here is just another example of ignorance. perhaps you should research crime around the world where not only Hispanics but all races are involved in crime. use your head next time before submitting anymore racial comments.