Austria: Women’s Rights Responsible for Far-Right Loss, Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2016

1Blue is Nazi, green is commie. Men left side, women right side.

Dat Austria vote?

Yes, women’s voting rights were once again responsible for electing an extremist immigrationist.

Notice how I didn’t say “women were responsible.” I have decided that rhetoric is unhelpful. Women, having the minds of small children, cannot be held responsible for decisions. Instead, we have to hold responsible the Jewish system which allows women to make decisions.

So, yes. Blaming women for making the decision to have our countries invaded and conquered by Islamic rape gangs is not a valid line of reasoning. It would be like blaming dogs for chasing at birds.

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They simply cannot resist.

These problems have the same solution: a leash.

What we need to do is create a system where women have no rights.

When I make obvious, reasonable statements like that, cucks/white knights and feminists will say “you hate women” – my response to this is “no, you hate math.”

Look at the chart, people. Women’s voting rights have done this to us.

That is what created this situation, and that is what makes it so we cannot stop it.

And then beta bitches will be like “oh, but some men also voted for the commie, even if it was at a significantly lower rate” – that is because we live in a society dominated by women, where men are psychologically manipulated into taking on women’s values.


Feminism has made women unhinged. These people are on a rampage. They have become a collective bloc, intent on forcing their own agenda onto men. Basically, when you let women have rights and power in society, they will get in your face until you take it away from them. But men are so cucked, they don’t understand what women are doing, and so just keep giving them more and more and more, thinking – wrongly – that they are eventually going to chill.

At the same time, we have used state power and new “revolutionary” social norms to remove men’s private spaces. We have been forced to allow women to shove themselves into every aspect of society. They simply won’t let anything be. They feel a need to come in and regulate.

We saw this with #Gamergate. Women don’t actually like video games. They just felt threatened at the idea of men engaging in an activity that they weren’t involved in, so they sent women in to try to regulate it and make it something they were comfortable with.


Now we see this same pattern with the Alt-Right, women – who have no natural interest in politics beyond the way in which they affect their extremely limited personal sphere – coming in and demanding representation. And what do they bring? A bunch of slit-my-wrists-I-can’t-even-take-it drama.

And yes – obviously, this behavior pattern is very similar to a specific hook-nosed ethnic group we speak of often here on the Daily Stormer.

And no, that doesn’t mean we need to round-up women and gas them, or that women are evil, or that I hate them.

Modern women are completely out of control children who need discipline. That is all.

If you can read this and say “oh, you just hate women,” then you are a pathetic, emotional child and you don’t belong in the Nazi movement in the first place.

Notable Replies

  1. Women should have the right to raise families and stay in the kitchen.

    Other than the above zero rights.

    I am not suggesting they cannot attend choir practice, go to church on Sunday, or have girl friends over for baby showers.

    Feminism is to a very large degree responsible for our situation a nation today. I can not believe we almost had a crazed granny for our president. All females must be removed from politics and voting rights revoked.

    The jews campaigned for women's rights to pit them against us.

  2. It's simply not true that women should hav no rights: I'm a strong supporter of womens' right to remain silent.

  3. Maffoo says:


    Our movement must push the role of men as leaders and women as basically not leaders. Whatever angle you want to come at it from. Taking away women's rights... restoring the patriarchy... reasserting male dominance... bringing back the purpose of male life, robbed from us by feminism... We must push this cause. Hard. If we white knight, we will lose and be complicit in our own genocide ultimately.

    The fact is they are too dumb to know what they are doing. Their female brains don't possess the reasoning capacity to think of wider implications. They think in small spheres of muh feels and muh virtue signalling which is why their decision making skills must reflect that (i.e. deciding what to wear and dressing like a decent woman to signal the virtue of chastity and fidelity to their husband). If you put them in large and important situations they still just think in those same small terms. They have the reasoning capacity of a child.

    You don't give someone responsibility that they don't have the capacity for. If anything it's cruel to do that. Like giving a down's kid trigonometry homework and then chastising them when they don't do it. But of course we don't chastise women. We let them vote for our replacement and then tell them how great they are and reward them all the same. This tactic MUST change.

    We must shame our men into stopping the rewarding of dysfunctional female behaviour and forge a new (i.e. return to the old) masculine norms, not the ones defined by jews and feminsts (it's good to cry, let your women speak first at the dinner table etc.) that shite HAS TO GO and we must bring back masculine men who will shame and discipline women. You can't do it by going at the women. I mean the women who read this site are probably the few who are already in our circles and thus have proper men in their lives.

    But we don't control the MSM and that is what women will still be looking to for their anti-white, anti-family genocide instructional videos, when the last beer swilling sports-bro has turned off the electric jew and started hailing victory here at the DS. The women will still be watching Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Oprah, whatever, and getting told their morality and what to think and of course they will fall for it. Remember that white man you cannot somehow trust their instincts to kick in or that they will use their intellect and suddenly want to save the white race. They need to have proper men in their lives. It's the men in their lives who will put them over their knee, spank them, and throw the telly in the bin, while all the while she cries and tries all those shaming/sympathy tactics that worked so well before... It's the men who have to reassert their dominance and take the brainwashing away from women and give them some sort of normality again i.e. serving a husband and family.

    Oh and btw white knights. Take this on board: I, and other nazi men, get WAY more sex than you. If you can fulfill the proper role of a male, which is very clearly defined in our nature, women respond to that in a primal way and want to mate with you. The reason feminist-sympathising men are failures with women is because your deferential "what do you think, hunny?" attitude means on a primal level they perceive you as women or in fact males to lead on, extract wealth or resources from, and then abandon for an alpha male. You're like a neo-cuck-con. Crying 'muh principles' into your pillow every night and waking up the next day to repeat the same losing tactics. Well guess what, somalians don't care about your constitution, and women don't care about your bland rational arguments and trust in them to see the light... meanwhile nazi men are dominating the women in their lives and getting a healthy amount of sex. So don't think white-knighting will get you laid. It's the opposite.

    Outside a bar not too long ago me and a group of college kids were arguing about rape with some poor flower their constantly bringing up the fact that she got raped when she was 16. The guys all fell over themselves to shake their heads at the sins of men. I said to her, the worst sin is not the rapist, but your 'father' letting you out without a male accompanying you (or indeed, at all, seeing as this happened on a subway station in a city). The men all clucked (or cucked) like chickens to defend her, and she had that sort of speechless indignant look. I simply repeated my position. Guess who she wanted to go home with that night white-knights?

    So DON'T think this will get you laid, it's a trap set by the jews in their movies that women like the sensitive types who respect them. Bottom line, if you give a woman the proper relationship dynamic, she becomes like a dog with a bone, where she will fight to hold onto you. Not like these relationships today where the man must cowtow and do as he's told or she will leave without thinking twice. If you present yourself as a man who is above and outside of feminism, of course women will TRY to shame you with their butthurt, but ultimately, they will fall DEEPLY in love with you and want to fuck you. Whereas if you white-knight, they will want to strip you of your wealth and genocide you, on every scale imaginable.

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