Best Buy’s Geek Squad is Spying on People for the FBI

Daily Stormer
March 11, 2017

He might fix your computer, but not before checking out all your files to make sure you’re a good goy.

Isn’t it great to be living in such a modern, progressive society? We’re finally moving beyond such outdated concepts like privacy or due process, and now all of our thoughts and actions can be monitored by government agencies and corporations working hand in hand with them.

When did America become a nation of snitches?


The government has long denied that the FBI took advantage of Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” technicians to conduct surveillance on American citizens, but according to OC Weekly, recently unsealed court documents prove it really did happen.

In fact, according to these records, the FBI actually trained Best Buy employees in law enforcement tactics, gave them lists of targeted individuals, and actively encouraged computer repair technicians to search customers’ computers for evidence.


I wonder how their customers feel about that? I guess this is something they fail to mention to people before being given the computers containing all their personal information.

I have feeling Best Buy is going to take quite a hit after this revelation.

I hope these geeks are better at computer repair than they are at photoshop. The Gook is missing half her cranium, lol.

Best Buy officers stated as recently as January that there was no formal arrangement between the company and the FBI, but these unsealed court records describe a very “cozy” relationship, as OC Weekly puts it. FBI officials wrote of maintaining close relationships with Geek Squad management. Best Buy employees were actually thinking about writing special software just to help the FBI search their customers’ computers, even without probable cause.

These records came to light because a gynecologist named Mark Rettenmaier was charged with possessing child pornography after the Geek Squad discovered an image on his computer in the course of performing repairs Rettenmaier paid for. Rettenmaier’s defense attorney, James D. Riddet, has charged the government with outrageous conduct, such as offering Best Buy employees a $500 bounty for discovering actionable evidence on customers’ computers.

Oh, if it’s to catch pedophiles, then I guess it’s okay that they’re lying to people to spy on them and sending their personal information to the FBI. Gotta save those kids. Gotta do it. Never mind that the FBI is covering up for the worst pervert scumbags, which tend to occupy high-level positions in the media and the government.

What are the odds that this little operation (along with others I’m sure are still hidden) isn’t also being used to spy on nationalist activists?

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  1. I would never trust anyone with my computer because of the WN and CI content on it. My first thought would be that they would check my files and see my shortcuts.

  2. I had problems with my computer around two years ago. Minor it seemed, but couldn't get it fixed myself. I was recommended by family to take it to a technician (not specifically geek squad, it didn't get to choosing a place to go yet), but I said fnck it and just bought a new one. I always had a feeling this kind of sh!t went on. Good to know I was right.

  3. Great article. Will we ever know how entrenched the Mossad is among 'security' providers? Could that nice dark man that sold you the home ADT Security System, with the nifty cameras and panic button, in reality by your Local Yokel Katsa...making sure your Snugly Surveilled & Safe? Could your Whirlpool Washer, Your Samsung TV, and Amazon Alexa all be happily chatting away with your Smart Meter? What about the White Van, with the Blacked-Out Windows, that cruises up and down your Suburban Block several times a week? something wrong?

  4. The FBI has been in bed with Big Jewry for a long time, with many connections to the ADL. The FBI's degenerate ass-fucked founding faggot, J. Edgar Jewver, typically had a high-ranking FBI Jew looking over his shoulder. This would be the bureau's "liaison" with the "Jewish community" -- a seat at the table granted to no other ethnic group. One of these top-level FBI kikes was Alexander Rosen, who, like Jewver, was a "bachelor."

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