Black Panthers Kill the Pigs Christmas Party

Daily Stormer
December 26, 2016

Revenge for microaggressions.

Notable Replies

  1. Why can't the niggers fuck off back to Africa?

  2. There should be a law against them having guns. These extremely low IQ men in the film can't be trusted with guns. My guess is they are about 75 IQ. Scary. Separation, now.

  3. Stupid niggers with their air soft rifles. Not one of those hoods would be able to legally possess a firearm. Even if they were real, a group of armed whites half the size would rout those griods.

  4. Lets say there real. They're not trained, they have poor aim,and the second they have a malfunction or get injured they freak out.
    The only way they win is like when they catch officers off guard or sneak up on you

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