Black Rapper Doe B Gets Shot to Death in a Parking Lot

Daily Stormer
December 29, 2013

Doe B: A true artist who has become no more.
Doe B: A true artist who has become no more.

Sadness sweeps the nation as yet another black rapper turns up dead.

Let’s all pause for a moment of silence, as we remember the greatness that was black rapper Doe B.

From Eurweb:

Doe B, an associate of T.I. via the Hustle Gang imprint, was shot and killed. He was 22 years old.

According to NBC affiliate WSFA, Doe B, whose real name is Glenn Thomas, of Montgomery was killed in an early morning shooting on Saturday, Dec. 28.

Police responded to a call of multiple gunshots around 1:30 a.m.

The TV station reported that authorities found Doe B, 21-year-old Kimberle Johnson and six other victims. Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene, while Thomas was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The shooting occurred at a venue called the Centennial Hill Bar and Grill, according to It was formerly known as Rose Supper Club, but that establishment lost its liquor license and closed a year ago after a December 2012 shooting left six people injured. Centennial Hill opened earlier this year.


Let us remember the beauty of Doe B’s rhyming poetry.

Here are the deeply inspired lyrics to “Let Me Find Out”:

Let me find out you fuck niggas hatin’ on the low
I’mma turn up in a Mo’
Twist an arm, take your ho
Let me find out you little niggas plottin’ on the kid
Pillow talkin’ with these bitches
Talkin’ ’bout robbin’ me and shit
Let me find out
Shoot up in here where you hidin’ out
‘Til you scream cold turkey
Call it quits, time out
Let me find out
Trust me, it gonna be some consequences
ARs everywhere, hundred rounds in extensions
Let me find out
You niggas just flexin’ and you penny pinchin’
Let me find out
You ain’t got no hoes and fuckin’ any bitches
Let me find out you a sissy
Let me find out you been snitchin’
Let me find out where you stay
I’ll light that bitch up like it’s Christmas
Let me find out
You fake trappers not ’bout sellin’ drugs
Let me find out you the middle man
And bitch, you ain’t the plug
Let me find out you mad
Cause you heard I fucked your bitch
Let me find out you paid
To have ? out with a zip

[Hook] Let me find out
Let me find out
Nigga, let me find out
Let me find out
Bitch, let me find out
Let me find out

Let me find out you mad
Cause you fell off and no mo’
Let me find out your bitch
Wanna eat this dick for lunch
Let me find out them niggas
Tried to show you how to gun
Let me find out you run
Let me find out you a bum
Let me find out
This new thing on me and can’t top this
Let me find out I got a ?
Cause I ain’t seen it since I got it
Let me find out that V12 runnin’ like a faucet
Let me find out that fishscale
Come back when I drop it
Let me find out that pack comin’ in every week
Let me find out your bitch wanna fuck me ?
Let me find out you weak
And what you blowin’ on ain’t strong
Let me find out you tryin’ to sound like me
On my lil’ song
Let me find out you niggas sold your soul for some joints
Let me find out that lil’ money in them photos ain’t yours
Let me find out you crashin’ out
Like you don’t know where you’re goin’
Let me find out you nobody
Bitch, you ain’t a ?

  • Julian Lee

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  • guest

    What a beautiful and articulate song. A true talent was lost in this handsome young man..

  • Misho

    I love news like this !!!

  • Kevin

    He actually has some insightful commentary on his own species. Apparently they’re a bunch of drug-dealing cowards.

  • Billy Ray Jenkins

    A rapper got shot? I will file this under the WGAF category.

  • White Guard

    Weeps? Tears of joy, maybe.