Black Witch Oprah Says the Elderly Should be Murdered Because They are Racist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2013

In a weird interview promoting some idiot Jew film she is starring in, the beastly simian Oprah Winfrey was asked by the zombie-like English interviewer about the present state of the unorganized, sloppy and violent black agenda to conquer and rule over White America.  She responded by saying that all old people are racist, and that “they just have to die.”

I wish this was shocking, but it isn’t.

White people grew up in Northern Europe, where forward, critical thought was necessary for survival, and thus we look at and solve problems using dynamic logic and reasoning.  Blacks grew up in blood-soaked, war-torn Africa, where any problem you had was solved by killing someone.  Thus, it is deeply embedded in their collective psyche that the solution to every problem is murder.

This is really very basic evolutionary psychology, that if we were allowed to inquire into openly, would become fully obvious to all involved.  We don’t even need science.  Just look around you.  Every time a black has a problem, they attempt to use violence to solve it.

The fact that a black woman who is looked at by society as successful and integrated would suggest the solution to some invisible and untraceable threat of vague racism is to start mass-murdering old people really drives home the fact that we simply cannot be expected to live with these people.

What the Hell do They Even Want?

What is a black talking about when he or she whines about ‘racist’ society?  They get everything for free.  They all get free housing, free school, free healthcare, free cellphones and on and on and on.  They are given preferential hiring at all jobs, preferential entry into all universities.  And yet every chance they get, instead of thanking us, they ask for more or call for us to be murdered.

What else, exactly, do they want from us?  What more could we possibly give them?

The answer is nothing.  It is impossible to give this parasitical race anymore than we already have.

The problem is jealousy.  Forced, as they have been, to live among a people who is more intelligent, more physically attractive and generally more capable in every conceivable way drives them mad.  And it is clear that they are not one day going to magically become as capable as we are, and so this is just going to go on forever, unless we change something.

The only solution is to put them somewhere else, and let them figure out their own problems.

We tried to be loving parents to these childlike blacks, and all they want to do is call for our grandparents to be murdered because their possible thoughts might hurt their feelings.  I am sick of it and I want these people out of my society.

  • Wittmann

    The OP of that vid was taken down, or “terminated” as the mossad hasbarats on jootube like to call it.

    We really need an alternative to that joogle-owned censorship hellhole.

  • Dutch

    “She responded by saying that all old people are racist, and that “they just have to die.””

    What she probably means to say is that there is nothing to be done about ‘old people’s racism’, apart from waiting until they are dead… by natural causes.

    • Andrew Anglin

      Well, that would certainly be the excuse. But how do you think the hordes interpret such a statement from one of their leaders?

      And why should she be praying for anyone’s death, simply because she believes they might have ideas that could potentially hurt someone’s feelings?

      This is insane.

  • USadlittlemen

    Look at all you ignorant fucks.LOL This is hilarious.

    • Andrew Anglin

      Would you be interesting in elaborating on why it is you believe we are “ignorant fucks,” and why you find this “hilarious”?

      I would be very interested to hear how you drew this conclusion.

      • sharien northweck

        You are very sick and racist you need to be checked into a mental home because you are very ignorant.

    • Nationalist

      Ignorant? Yeah, I used to be. Woefully so.

  • BR14N88

    Oprah is an anti-white, closet dyke, she-boon bitch!

  • Radolf

    Even a super millionaire nigger carries a chip on their shoulder. Their chimp-tribal gene remains activated no matter how good they have it or how fairly they get treated. A nigger will always side with the fellow nigger.

    • John Smith

      Not only that but the Negro Community has had 120 years of hard Jewish Collectivist influence as well. If you remove the Jewish Power Structure, the Negro would be at the same place he was in 1940. Anything he has today is given to him by the Jews. The Irony is it all comes back to one thing, the Jew using the Black as a weapon of mass destruction so he can reign supreme

  • Soosin

    This kind of mentality has been used for various reasons in displacing a culture and indigenous or founding population, a group of people rooted in who they are and who aren’t “in tune” with NWO erasure of who they are. Along folk-rejecting non-folk-embracing propaganda, simply OVERWHELM them with foreigners ——> vis Christopher Hitchens’ brother

    Sound familiar to anything we’re in the midst of?

  • Soosin

    Oprah doesn’t have to be charged with inciting hatred and threatening murder. She and all her ilk can simply live in Africa where they can uplift the shanty continent of Africa with her millions of White people-extracted money. Racism and black aggression solved in one fell swoop.

    (Does Oprah have any talent to speak of? I guess she’s pretty good acting non-ghetto right?)

    I don’t think Oprah realizes that a little problem with the the thing called racism is that it isn’t reserved to a generation. It can be apparent within any living being that can distinguish one thing from another. Even popping out people’s eyes wouldn’t eradicate racism because, well, it’s not *only* skin color that separates peoples. I’m sure she’s heard of evolution before..?

  • O*R*I*O*N

    Funny how Orca Chimpfrey still looks like a female version of Jabba the Hutt after all the white-guilt tax revenue she spent on the most expensive cosmetics, hairstraighteners and wardrobe.

    • John Smith

      Oprah would have nothing if it were not for the trillions of Jew dollars behind her. Remember this, without the Jews, the blacks have nothing.

    • ben g

      “Orca Chimprey” LOL

  • Schultz
  • J. L

    I remember hearing the same thing from Atheist podcasts I used to listen to;

    They acknowledge the fact that they aren’t going to change the minds of a portion of the public, so their tactic has become “wait for them to die”.

    • J. L

      I think this stuff falls into the category of a bored liberal who feels restrained by western societal norms, who goes around saying that white people are evil and stole everything from the world… he may be harmless by himself, but he gives the rhetoric to gangs of robbers who take him quite literally and go and carve up an elderly white woman because they think she deserves it- or you know, anything to justify their fun.

  • Chris

    We all know what is coming down the line. Make sure you and your loved ones are prepared.

    Hill of the Ravens

  • SS. LA

    I found this ‘article’ when browsing the internet for interesting information:

    Read it and you’ll see just how far the self-delusion of the blacks in terms of race and genetics goes.

    This isn’t even scientific, it makes no sense whatsoever.

    It’s good for a chuckle at least.

    • Andrew Anglin

      Wow, this is priceless.

      I might write a piece excerpting some of this.

      But yeah, it is basically the same stuff that if you walked up to a random black person (make sure he is alone, so you don’t get attacked) and asked him his opinions on things, he would tell you.

      Oprah herself pushes all sorts of voodoo gibberish to do with using your thoughts to create money and whatever else.

      • Clark

        Give this garbage a look.
        This should be addressed.

        • Jedidiah

          Wow…..that is screwed up.

        • John Smith

          I actually called the FBI office in Cleveland Ohio and told them about this website and all I got back was we will look into it. Wonder how fast a WHITE FOOT SOLDIER NETWORK would get shut down

    • ben g

      Haha there’s a conspiracy theory on that website about President Warren G. Harding being killed by a government conspiracy because he was black.

  • dude

    We all know what is coming down the line. Make sure you and your loved ones are prepared.

    “To Arkan, the man who lead the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo. History will vindicate you”.

    “In this war your uniform will be your skin and you cannot take it off”.

    Hill of the Ravens

    Ethnic Cleansing Operations (2003)

  • Lauri Niskanen

    “The only solution is to put them somewhere else, and let them figure out their own problems.” -AA

    Hear, hear. But:

    Three days ago RT reported this story and after that segment Bill Dodd showed a clip from the film Children of Men. In it we see masses of immigrants behind fences and guarded heavily, implying to dystopian “nazi-style” treatment of “different people”. It clearly gave the sentiment of “you don’t want that now do you?”

    I agree with separation, but the road there will be riddled with guilt trip after guilt trip. Advertisements bombard us with imagery of starving third-world children and demand our sympathy. When I mentioned the sentiment that I quoted you now some time ago to my liberal sister, her reaction was “so are we just going to kill everyone that’s not white enough? How can you be so intolerant?”

    How do we convince regular whites into agreeing about this immie problem and a certain course of action? Do we just have to wait until enough people have had enough enrichments so that they get liberated from altruism? Is it possible/useful to offer any carrots to 3rd/w people unwilling to move back to the point of origin? A lot of whites have befriended nonwhites which only adds to the obstacles.

    • Andrew Anglin

      It is definitely a complicated situation. Though I think like has happened in Greece, a hardening will take place when the situation begins to become more chaotic, and it will become obvious to even the most limp-wristed liberals that something drastic needs to be done.

      I think when things get as bad in other countries as they are in Sweden, people will respond differently than the Swedes have.

      Also, I don’t think anyone really wants to be cruel to these people. That is just a Hollywood myth. They should be fed and kept in sanitary conditions as they are removed.

    • Nationalist

      The frustrating part is that your sister’s attitude and that of many other Whites is one of intolerance for the rule of Nature. Those images we are bombarded with are the results of Nature’s final decision. By intervening we usurp Nature’s law and we suffer the consequences. We must ask ourselves if we are willing to risk Nature’s judgement for tampering with it’s rule.

      The shark and the lion never feel sorry for their prey. What shall we have if we were to rescue all the prey from the lion’s jaws?

  • Robert Schlattmann

    We can talk all we want about non-violence and a peaceful solution, but we better be ready for the worse, just as a precaution. One does not have to be psychic to see what is on the horizon. Unite and remain vigilant.

  • DaveMansfield

    I don’t know what it is going to be, but I have to put this in here to alert people. Mike King of is going to come out with something called ‘Hitler visits Oprah’. Can’t wait to see what it is.

  • DaveMansfield

    My comment is this because the video was already pulled and I have no interest in seeing Harpo say this shit. Race War section: It is a section that is updated daily, hourly, minute by minute: It will continually be updated: Forever it seems: More will die: More will be raped: More will be molested: More, more, more: If you just look at it how can you not get your blood boiled? I can’t stand violence. And this shit is happening?

    We are such evil racists. Am I going to be killed tomorrow? Who knows? The knockout game may be coming to a town near me! How exciting! I guess I will find out, considering one of my first daily tasks is to oppress the nearest person I come across who is of a different race and oppress them. Oh wait I’m sorry, I just treat people with respect all the time.

    • DaveMansfield

      For anybody who wanders in here…’The myth of White Supremasism’ by Andrew Anglin written yesterday. Seriously, try to argue against it I dare you.

  • http://dailystormer Jamie

    I hate that BITCH, she is a typicle racist, but many STUPID people look up to this NIGGER. I do have friends that are Black and no cool Blacks but if I look at the world they are almost as racisat as the Jews. Them like many Whites have been brainwashed, witch makes them belive we owe them something. Considering the White guilt we can see how good the MSM and everything MS is at lieing to people about everything expeciallt history. If anyone is owed anything it’s Whites that have been paying for these people well they destroy are country’s. Not all Blacks are bad just like all Whites are not good, but they are much more parisitic than almost anyone asaide from the Jews. If it’s racist to see the obvious then I guess I’m racist even though I have friends of other races in the multiculteral society we live in. I also no we have to seperate to stop a race war that will happen sooner than most think and it will not be nice for anyone, but the White man will win once awake. We have the most powerfull country’s and are still above 70% of the population in most. We are waking up now and can see the hatred directed at us, we will not let it get much worse because the worse it gets the faster we fight a battle that we will easly win if we don’t peacfully seperate. How can any people or country do good when so many different groups hate each other and are lied to to make it even worse by everything Main Stream from Hollywood and MSM, to are Governments.

    • sharien northweck

      Why don’t you go to school and learn how to spell while you over here calling people ignorant. Sure you have black friends that’s what all racist white people say in order to vindicate themselves of being a racist. You are just as bad as all the other inferior whites because that’s exactly what you guys are INFERIOR!!!

  • Krsnik

    Blacks just want white people dead, but they also want to keep the quality of life that whites provide for them.

    • Andrew Anglin

      That’s the thing. We can see the hell their race created in Africa, and yet they act as if White people were not in America, they would be better off. There is nothing about it which makes sense, making it just frustrating to think about what it is they are saying.

  • Marat Kyra

    “What else, exactly, do they want from us? What more could we possibly give them?”

    I guess we have to die. That’s what we could give them, our lives. That old stinky black woman is a thing from hell. We must focus on something else right away, something good and pure. For she is a demon.

  • Remi

    Not surprisingly, the video has already been pulled from YouTube.

  • yo_Hadrian

    fuckin eh right. a rousing post, brother.