Brexit: Jo Cox’ Death was Not a Tragedy and the World is a Better Place Without Her

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2016

Jo Cox

Today is Brexit day.

As we patiently await the results, I am compelled to comment on the most high-profile Brexit related event this year: the murder of Jo Cox.

Let me begin by saying I am against violence, and I do not approve of the assassination of politicians. I am also able to see that while Thomas Mair’s alleged actions won’t swing anyone who was already decidedly pro-Brexit, the media hoopla about how Brexit supporters are murderers could possibly have swayed uncommitted voters to vote “stay.”

All things considered, it probably would have been better, politically, to not murder this woman.

All these caveats having been given, I must state this frankly: Cox’ death was not a “tragedy,” and the world is a better place now that she is dead.

Jo Cox was an aggressive supporter of mass immigration. She lobbied for it, she enabled it to take place. And as such, untold buckets of blood were on her hands. Given the unimaginable suffering that she helped to cause, she deserved to die. It is simply justice. It is no more a “tragedy” than the execution of a murderer or a rapist is a tragedy.

By assisting the invasion of Britain, she was both a murderer and a rapist.

Lee Rigby was murdered by a Black Islamic terrorist. His blood is on the hands of Jo Cox.


Christina Edkins was stabbed to death by a Black African, randomly on a bus. Her blood is on the hands of Jo Cox.


Charlene Downes was raped and murdered by Pakistanis, her body ground-up and made into kebab. Her blood is on the hands of Jo Cox.


The blood of all who died in the 7/7 attacks is on her hands.

7th july bombing

And the thousands upon thousands of little girls who were drugged, gang-raped and sold as prostitutes by Moslem men – all of that blood is on the hands of Jo Cox.


One could spend an enternity listing off all of the White British victims of the multicultural project.

Those who support this project are more guilty than any single serial killer or mass-murderer.

Jo Cox was evil and she deserved to die.

Her death was not a tragedy, it was justice.

And the world is a better place with her six feet underground.

The Moral High-Ground is Ours

I don’t support Cox’ murder, for the reasons stated, but neither will I apologize for it or claim I think it is a “tragedy.”

If the murder swayed people to vote Remain, then that is tragic. But that is all.

These people who support our homes being overrun by murderous, gang-raping animals are evil.

We have the moral high-ground, and we need to hold it. We are the ones who want to protect the people. We are the ones who want to end suffering. We are the ones who wish to create a world of beauty, peace and prosperity, where women and children are safe and secure in their neighborhoods and cities.

We are the good guys.

Don’t you ever forget that.

And don’t you ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

And if ever you lose heart, brothers – remember those who came before you.

And remember that the same blood which flowed through their veins flows through yours.


Hail Victory.

Feel free to use the comments section as a live thread to cover Brexit events.

If you voted, tell us about it.

I’m hopeful.


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