Bro Tier: Russia’s UK Embassy Tweets Pepe, Doesn’t Take It Down After Being Called Nazis

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2017

Russia’s UK embassy is being called a Neo-Nazi and/or KKK organization for tweeting Pepe.

Pepe has been declared pure evil by the Jewish kikes at the ADL, due mainly to his virulent Jew-hatred and vigorous desire to gas all Jews in fake shower rooms and turn them into lampshades.

The tweet is still up.

We call this the old “frog whistle.”

I’m pretty sure I coined that term, but I might not have. I can’t find out through Google because when you google “frog whistle,” you get results relating to whistles that are shaped like frogs.

For example:

Of course, in the Alt-Right it matters not who coined which terms or created such and such may-mays. We are a collective. A hivemind. A mob. We function as a single unit. A borg-type entity hellbent on stopping these kikes.

And we are all thankful for the support Russia is giving us, whether that support is real, such as this Pepe post, or imagined, such as the global haxxoring conspiracy.

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