Bulgarian PM Working Day and Night to Get Rid of Hajis

Daily Stormer
November 29, 2016

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  1. What it needs is overwhelming military force and be very racist and hostile towards shitskins and kikes!

  2. Michal says:

    I will do it all deportation in ONE HOUR or LESS with machine gun !!! Fuck this crap, KILL them ALL !!!!!

  3. Stop giving them money and housing and they will fuck off. Simples.

    We can't do anything with the kikes in power.

  4. This is why the only news I want to hear from Britain is nationalists/patriots/veterans organising a coup against the government.

    Nationalists wasted X amount of decades electioneering in which the money can be used to take power by other means of getting elected!

    for others who don't believe me, Max Musson can back me up

  5. Don't buy it people I've heard that stuff before. He only says it to keep calm the people so he might save his already ruined reputation. I'll give you examples. When the first civilian border patrols started emerging and detaining shitskins he applaud them and supported them(there's even an interview on YouTube) later that week after a meeting with EU officials he issued a statement telling them to stay away from interfering with the job of border security. Another example is the sanctions against Russia for annexing Crimea. When he was in Bulgaria he told the media that he would be against sanctioning Russia, yet when he arrived in Brussels and held a meeting with his masters he told them he was all for sanctions against Russia. Also he is for the EU- Turkey migrand deal which would give 80 million scum visa free travel to the bloc. That a high class EU whore right there.

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