California Man Charged with Driving Under the Influence – Of Caffeine!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2016

Well, this is certainly goofy.

The Guardian:

Caffeine may be the “nootropic” brain drug of choice in Silicon Valley, but an hour’s drive north in Solano County, California, the stimulant could get you charged with driving under the influence.

That is according to defense attorney Stacey Barrett, speaking on behalf of her client, Joseph Schwab.

After being pulled over on 5 August 2015, Schwab was charged by the Solano County district attorney with misdemeanor driving under the influence of a drug.

Almost 18 months later, Schwab is preparing to go to trial. The only evidence the DA has provided of his intoxication is a blood test showing the presence of caffeine.

Shcwab was driving home from work when he was pulled over by an agent from the California department of alcoholic beverage control, who was driving an unmarked vehicle. The agent said Schwab had cut her off and was driving erratically.

The 36-year-old union glazier was given a breathalyzer test which showed a 0.00% blood alcohol level, his attorney said. He was booked into county jail and had his blood drawn, but the resulting toxicology report came back negative for benzodiazepines, cocaine, opiates, THC, carisoprodol (a muscle relaxant), methamphetamine/MDMA, oxycodone, and zolpidem.

The sample was screened a second time by a laboratory in Pennsylvania, according to documents provided to the Guardian, where the sole positive result was for caffeine – a substance likely coursing through the veins of many drivers on the road at any given time.

“I’ve never seen this before,” said Barrett. “I’ve never even heard of it.”

Barrett has filed a motion for the case to be dismissed because the charges were not brought until June 2016 – nearly 10 months after incident. If that motion is denied, Schwab will take his case to a jury on 11 January.

Sharon Henry, chief deputy district attorney for Solano County, said in a statement that her office was “conducting further investigation in this matter”.

“The charge of driving under the influence is not based upon the presence of caffeine in his system,” she added.

Barrett counters that if the prosecution has evidence of a different drug in her client’s system, it should have to provided that to her, based on the rules governing criminal procedings.

“I have not been provided with any evidence to support a theory of prosecution for a substance other than caffeine at this time,” she said. “Nor I have received any statements, reports, etc documenting any ongoing investigation since the [toxicology report] dated 18 November 2015.”

Henry declined to comment further, citing the right to a fair trial.

California should separate.

I don’t support any of these actions.

I reject their strange agenda.

Notable Replies

  1. Anarcho-tyranny has been in full swing in SoCal for DECADES now. I've been pulled over for NOTHING, again and again. They target whites because they know we've assets they can seize. And the affirmative action element doesn't help. I'm just very skeptical of people saying the cops are on our side. The cops are PART of the government, and the GOVERNMENT is AGAINST us.

  2. this is a programmer's nightmare

  3. If this guy actually gets convicted,every coffee machine in every law enforcement facility in California needs to be ripped out by the roots

    As a bonus,we can take away the donuts. :slight_smile:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the arresting officer is a woman?

  4. In my whole entire 32 years of life I have never once felt anything positive about anything having to do with California.
    I'm sure it's a beautiful state with regards to its geographical features and all, but with regard to the "humans" living there and the things they do....I'm smdh. I would have no problem with them wanting to separate but I certainly wouldn't allow it.
    Rather, I'd like to see the spirit and ideology of these people utterly destroyed and exposed as is occurring now in current year. The only way they can separate is if it breaks off into the Pacific after a massive disaster.

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