Capitalist Wants to Split California into Six Different States

Daily Stormer
February 23, 2014

Tim Draper, who has been accused for working for Sauron, insists he is a wizard of light.
Tim Draper, who has been accused for working for Sauron, insists he is a wizard of light.

In November, residents of California may get to vote on a plan to break the country up into multiple different states.

From KFBK:

A Silicon Valley venture capitalist is pushing a ballot proposal that would break California into six states. Tim Draper cleared a key early hurdle this week – state officials gave him the green light to begin collecting petition signatures to qualify his plan called “Six Californias” for the ballot. He needs more than 800,000 signatures by mid-July.

In documents submitted to the state, Draper argues the state of 38 million people has grown nearly ungovernable. Disputes over California’s size date to the era of its founding in 1850. If voters approve the idea of creating six new states, Congress also would have to endorse it.

It is an interesting idea, I guess.  I don’t think it is going to happen, and if it did, it probably wouldn’t matter much.

What would the six different parts be called?


  1. As someone currently residing in California, and, amazingly, in a city of 100,000 that is majority white, I move to create a new state consisting of only my city.

    Seriously, the state of “Jefferson” was supposed to be a new state comprising roughly the northern third of California and the southern portion of Oregon.

    This would be a high majority white population; however, a high percentage of them would be hippies.

  2. What would the six different parts be called?


  3. Alot of rubbish. The Jews love things to have things sliced,and diced at the bottom,and unified under them at the top.

  4. We could call Oakland and Berkeley New Afrika, then call the rest Mexican Names. After all California is merely Mexico, they have taken it back for the simple reason, WHITES DONT HAVE BABIES and WE HAVE AN OPEN BORDER because THE JEWS NEED SLAVE LABOR

  5. Mexifornia, reconquista, new new mexico, azatlan, mexico norte, pinche gringoland)silicon valley),

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