Captain Capitalism Doesn’t Understand Race and IQ

Daily Stormer
December 26, 2016

Notable Replies

  1. We're all equal one human race

  2. I'm not quite familiar with "Captain Capitalism" -- but when it comes to race realism, context is never crucial.

    Praise KEK.

  3. he's a manosphere blogger, I used to watch him a lot, he's pretty funny,
    a lot of people are commenting on youtube and saying he's a jew though but nobody has given me any decent evidence yet......

  4. Love it that history reviewed is being featured on ds... they're a perfect natural fit....I love this guy's accent, his great way of putting together very logical presentations, and his dry, take no prisoners delivery. His stuff is perfect for red pilling

  5. He's an idiot.

    Not really an idiot but more like the dumb guy at the mensa meetings, what vox day calls a "midwit". lol

    Great at memorizing all kinds of arcane shit, piss poor thinker.

    The net result annoying pretentious jackass. lol

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