CBS Show “The Good Fight” Attacks Nazi Trolls in Latest Episode

Daily Stormer
March 20, 2017

Women and Negroes. Looks like a fascinating show. Yawn.

The Jew system is starting to understand that Nazi alt-right trolls are a major threat. Consequently, it’s only natural that they’re directing their propaganda machine towards demonizing them.

While the news media has been talking about the alt-right for a while now, this is one of the earlier attempts to explicitly demonize it through fiction.

I had never heard of this “The Good Fight” show, but apparently it features all kinds of degeneracy, including faggotry and race-mixing.

Is it any surprise that those promoting perversion would attack Nazis?

Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya writes for A.V. Club:

Following up on Neil Gross’ introduction to The Good Fight last week, “Social Media And Its Discontents” brings the alt-right to the Good universe. In broad strokes, the episode does a pretty solid job of capturing just how horrifying and concerted the alt-right’s online harassment campaigns are. If you think The Good Fight exaggerates the violent language used by the alt-right, then you’ve probably never been on the receiving end of this particular brand of personal attacks waged on the world wide web. As a queer woman of color who writes for the internet, I can certain testify to the veracity of this pointed and perceptive portrayal. It’s all summed up pretty succinctly by the moment when Neil Gross asks Reddick, Boseman, & Kolstad to organize flagged posts across his sites—which include a Facebook-like social media platform called Chummy Friends and a Reddit stand-in called Scabbit—in order to develop a new terms of service code and the lawyers decide to make a racist pile, an anti-Semitic pile, a threatening pile, and a misogynistic pile. The moment is far from subtle, but so is the alt-right. The Good Fight doesn’t hold back in its critique, which makes the episode hard to watch at times.

First off: bitch, ever heard of paragraph breaks?

Grammar Nazism is no joke, let me tell you.

Second, isn’t it funny that these brown perverts are so sensitive that they can’t even bear to watch a TV show attacking their enemies? Really makes you wonder what the target demographic for this kind of nonsense is supposed to be.

The decision to make the hateful posts of these angry, racist white men more dynamic by including interstitials of these men delivering their diatribes to the camera instead of just showing the posts on screen or having another character read them aloud is an effective one. Online harassers often hide behind screennames [sic] and faceless icons, but The Good Fight gives them faces, makes it clear how real these people are.

Disgusting propaganda.

I wonder who’s behind this show?

But still.

This is good news.

If, waking up in the morning, you see that the Jews haven’t slandered you today, then that’s a sure sign that you didn’t spend the previous day productively.

The fact that news, television (and probably, soon, movies) are attacking us is a sure sign that we’re effective.

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