Chile Wants to Ban Israelites from National Parks Over Cultural Bad Behavior

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2017

The Jew cries out in pain as he burns down your forest.


A senior official of an entity under the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture threatened Israeli tourists with a hate-filled speech after a group was removed from a national park.

National Forestry Corporation director Elizabeth Munoz criticized “Israelites” for “cultural bad behavior” after three Israeli tourists were expelled late last month from the Torres del Paine National Park for switching on a portable mini stove in an unauthorized area, reported El Mercurio newspaper.

They are united at hostels and ‘these people’ are received not due to their nationalities. However, we can’t bar their entrance, but they will be removed if they present an aggressive attitude,” Munoz declared during an interview to Tele13 Radio on Wednesday.

Why can’t you bar their entrance?

Or, right.

The lampshades.

I have been reviewing the statistics and since 2012 we have had 36 expulsions, of which 23 were Israelites and these three are also Israelites. It seems they have the culture of not obeying and going against the rules,” she said.

Yeah, I mean.

You’re not the only ones who have noticed that pattern.

It seems to come up quite a bit, in fact.

The Comunidad Judia de Chile, the country’s umbrella Jewish organization, released a statement indicating that such generalization fosters a scenario of hatred and discrimination.

“We condemn all kinds of attacks against the nature of our country, but we cannot accept that our authorities make such statements that give rise to acts of hatred at a time when Chile is fighting to end discrimination against tourists and immigrants,” read the statement.

“We request that this type of situation is not repeated and so we can avoid the hostility and racism we do not want for our country,” the statement added.

Note that there is no denying the statistical reality of 26 or 39 expulsions from the parks being Israelites. That’s exactly two thirds, which I imagine is a dozens, if not hundreds of times over-representation by Israelites. And I wonder how many of the non-Israelis expelled were Jews.

Why would the Jews respond to a statistically proven pattern of bad behavior on their part by claiming to be victims? If we even just reduce it to nationality, other countries don’t do this.

It’s a fact that other countries don’t do this.

Because you know who else has really badly behaved tourists?


And you know what China does when people complain about their tourists?

They apologize, say it shames their nation, encourage foreign countries to report bad behavior by their people and they threaten the tourists with legal punishment when they return home if they behave badly overseas.

This is from Yahoo Travel, 2015:

After years of chiding its tourists to behave better overseas, China is in full “this-is-why-we-can’t-have-nice-things” lecture mode. Now, Beijing is taking another step in making sure its citizens watch themselves when they travel.

China’s tourism agency just announced it’s going to start keeping records of “uncivilized” behavior by its tourists for up to two years. According to Reuters, the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) says badly behaved Chinese tourists have “tarnished” China’s image and caused the nation to “blush with shame.” The tourist offenders, says the agency, need to “learn a lesson.”

China People’s Daily reports, the CNTA will be keeping tabs on such transgressions as “violating order on public transportation — including flights — damaging public facilities or historical relics, ignoring social customs at tourism destinations, and becoming involved with gambling or prostitution.”

Reuters says China’s new naughty list would derive from “tips from local tourism bureaus, media reports, and the general public.” The CNTA says violators, in some cases, could be handed over to the authorities.

In other words, they do exactly the opposite of what the Jews do, which is claim the hosts are the problem and must apologize for their hatred.

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