Cologne: One Year Later, Only Six Hajis Convicted for Sex Attacks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2016


It’s almost like the German government is protecting haji gang rapists.

Why would they do that though?

Daily Express:

Almost one year after the Cologne New Year’s Eve sex attacks just SIX people have been brought to justice, despite more than 1,200 crimes reported.

The world was outraged after migrants went on the rampage in Cologne along with other European cities to target women to rob, assault and sexually assault them in a night of horror.

In Cologne, more than 1,200 crimes were reported, including 500 sexual attacks.

But new figures have revealed just six the German legal system has only sentenced just six perpetrators.

The figures have come to light due to a request from the Free Democratic Party (FDP) to the Ministry of the Interior which were published on Friday.

Of the 509 “sexually motivated activities”, 369, were suspended because no offender could be identified, including 211 prosecutions for sexual coercion or rape.

The trials against 52 accused people, whose names were known, who were charged with offences against sexual self-determination or insults on a sexual basis, were also dropped.

Against 49 of them, there was no sufficient suspicion, of the other three the exact whereabouts could not be determined.

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