Compassionate Zionist Groups Hold Vigil for More Refugees… In Britain

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2017

Jews are notorious for being contrarians, but there’s two beliefs their hundreds of distinct international pressure groups agree upon: keeping non-Jews out of Israel and bringing non-whites into the West.

In Britain, the “Dubs Amendment” to the 2016 immigration act, imposed by the Jewish parliament member “Lord Dubs” (Alf Dubs) seeks to transport “child” refugees (adult men claiming to be children) illegally occupying other European nations to the UK, even though nobody in Britain other than Jews, celebrities that work for Jews and the kinsmen of the “refugees” themselves want this policy. The expensive and demographically problematic issue is being questioned by a beleaguered Theresa May, who at gunpoint already pulled Britain out of the failed European Union.

But Jews don’t like it.

Times of Israel:

Members of the Jewish community held a silent protest outside the Home Office on Monday night, urging the government not to end the Dubs scheme for vulnerable and lone child refugees

The scheme, named after its architect, Labour peer Lord Alf Dubs, will be capped once another 150 unaccompanied children are brought to Britain, on top of the 200 already in the UK.

Organised by the Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE) on behalf of the Jewish Communal Taskforce for Refugees, the protest saw rabbis and community figures speak at the vigil.

Edie Friedman, Executive Director of JCORE said “Many in the Jewish community feel strongly about this issue. They find it incomprehensible that the government is leaving vulnerable lone children in refugee camps, and on the streets in Greece and Italy, at the mercy of smugglers, traffickers, rapists and radicalisers. We call on the government to reverse this decision and to protect these children who are desperate for our help”.

If these “unaccompanied children” are so vulnerable, how did they survive the dangerous trek from “Syria” to Europe to begin with?

Check out the vulnerability of these little children. Wow. In 2017.

Jews are known to be very generous with other people’s countries and money, but if their intention is truly humanitarian, why not call for the funds they seek to set aside for refugee resettlement to go to aid women and children in Syria and Lebanon where a British pound goes further than in London?

Notice how no Jewish organization, lobby group, or parliament member seems interested in this option. Instead, Jews want all of the foreign aid set aside for Syria in the West to go to buy weapons for Al-Qaeda, who are the reason there is a “refugee” problem to begin with!

Jews hate Muslims almost as much as they hate whites, as seen by the policies they support in Israel. Their only motivation is wishing harm on white people, not helping anyone.

When the Jew speaks philanthropy, his actions suggest misanthropy.

Why does Britain have to take refugees and not Israel? Very simple. Israel is a Jewish state, while Britain is a Jewish occupied state. Know the difference, putz.

Jews in the West

Jews in Israel

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