Cucked Fag Mike Thernovich Agrees to Debate Richard Spencer!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2016

Mike Thernovich, betht thelling author of the book Gorilla Mindthet, has agreed to debate Nazi leader Richard Spencer – after someone put up $10,000!

And the best part?

The money is going to our brothers and sisters in Appalachia!

Thernovich apparently never-expected someone would actually pay $10,000 to see a debate with him and Spencer, but he made the offer and can’t back out now.

It is going to be awkward, because the cucked bastard called Spencer a secret agent, and he might be asked to present evidence for this stupid accusation.

The drama began after the recent NPI event, when several people were recorded throwing up sieg heil salutes. The media attacked Spencer and called him a Nazi, so a bunch of cucked-out pansies like Thernovich and Paul Joseph Watson said that Spencer must be a fed – because otherwise he would be a cuck.

Topics I would suggest for the debate:

  • Is Richard Spencer a secret agent? Why or why not.
  • Do white people have a right to exist?
  • Did Hitler do anything wrong? If so, what?
  • Six seriously sexy sisters sitting soundly in slanted seats

Whatever the topic, it’s going to be a doozy.

Presumably, it will be live streamed. We’ll keep you updated.

Notable Replies

  1. This would definitely be the most difficult topic for Thernovich to refute.

  2. I just hope Spencer doesn't fuck up.

  3. man the fact someone had the agency to put up 10000 on this shit show rather then donate to DS is a serious black pill

  4. Yeah.

    Except I think they just did it because of the forest fire situation.

  5. Spencer said knock you out
    Kikes gonna scream and shout

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