David Duke and Andrew Anglin: Regarding the Shills Attacking Nazi Leader Richard Spencer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2016


I was on with David Duke this morning and we discussed the disgusting shills attacking the valiant and legendary Nazi Leader Richard Spencer.

We first discussed the disgusting shills Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Thernovich who have come out and claimed – with absolutely zero evidence – that Spencer is a FBI plant because he heiled Trump. I also talked about how traitorous and disgusting it is to call anyone a fed agent without any evidence, and how no one doing that should be taken seriously.

Calling someone a federal agent is an extremely serious allegation – this isn’t some kiddie game for babies we are playing here. As I wrote in an article not too long ago – calling someone a fed without any evidence should be totally disqualifying.

These faggots will just scream “HAL TURNER HAL TURNER HAL TURNER” – and say that because this one radio host was a fed, everyone who disagrees with them is a fed.


But here’s the thing, faggots: Hal Turner was openly encouraging people to commit acts of violence and not getting arrested for it. This is something absolutely and completely different than “he said something I don’t like.” If you do see anyone openly encouraging people to commit acts of violence and not getting arrested/investigated for it, then yes, it is reasonable to come out and say such a person could be a fed.

But that isn’t what’s happening. All of these shills are saying “anyone who talks about Nazis or Jews is a fed, because that makes me uncomfortable.” Of course, what this would mean is that everyone who visits the Daily Stormer is a fed – because it is impossible for anyone anywhere to love Hitler and hate the Jews.


To be perfectly honest, there are several people in this movement who I personally suspect of being feds, but I would never openly call them that unless I had some kind of evidence. Instead, I just tell people to watch what people are saying, and dismiss anyone who is doing things that a fed would do. And the biggest thing a fed would do is attack other people in the movement.

When I call Watson and Thernovich “shills,” I don’t claim that they are secret agents. I simply state the fact that they are marketers, trying to make a buck off of this movement. That’s not something that even they deny. And with Watson, he’s working for Infowars, which has deep ties to Jews, including a Jewish producer (who was exposed as the Jew behind the curtain when Duke debated Alex Jones).

We also talked about Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow throwing Spencer under the bus. These are people we like, of course – unlike the shills Watson and Thernovich – but these attacks on Spencer were truly shocking and appalling. Especially Jared Taylor attacking Spencer for the explicit purpose of defending the filthy Christ-killing Jew parasite.

wow just wow i can’t even

We also discuss the fact that we don’t need any of these people. We have The Daily Stormer, we have The Right Stuff and Red Ice. We have top personalities like Duke and Spencer. We don’t need people who are afraid of Jews, or obsessed with losing, or who think the ETERNAL NORMIE is a drooling retard who you can only convince of anything by lying to him and trying to trick him.

We need to be winners – not whiners.

That’s the new meme.


Anyway, I think you’ll all enjoy the show.

It’s a good un.


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