Dear Stefan Molyneux: I Dare You to Interview Richard Spencer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2016


Molyneux thinking seriously about the most important philosophical question: are Jews people?

The cuck pile-on Richard Spencer after he went full-SIEG HEIL has been unsurprising.

Every cuck whoever watched his wife get banged by a black guy – from Paul Joseph Watson to a bunch of random retards on Twitter – has thrown Spencer under the bus and claimed that this is the end of Donald Trump’s campaign.

Truly, we are finally seeing these scalawags for the cowardly weasels that they are.

Their claim is apparently that the ETERNAL NORMIE will forever be turned off of the Alt-Right because the Jew media said we love Adolf Hitler want to gas all kikes.

For people like Watson and Mike Cernovich, this is a business move. These people are cucks-4-cash, and don’t want their brand damaged by Hitlerian fascism. I don’t know that it really would damage their brand. Maybe it would. They don’t actually care about ideology, so it is all just about the bottom line. They are both calling Spencer a secret agent.


The most disgusting part about that is just how lazy it is. Rather than explaining why it is wrong to love Hitler and hate the Jews, they just take it as a given that it is wrong BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS THE HOLOCAUST WAS TOTALLY REAL.

The random retards on Twitter I don’t even understand.

This idea that the normies will never accept us unless we cuck for the media is incomprehensible to me. Everyone saw Trump. People sieg heiled at Trump rallies. So what? Who cares? What difference does it make?

They will say “oh but Nazi imagery scares the normies” – but what isn’t scary? Everything new is scary. Communism was certainly scary. The Enlightenment was scary. Urbanization was scary. Any change is scary.

An appeal to cowardice is not the way you create a mass-movement, and anyone who claims that is the one who deserves to be under the bus.

Yall need to man-up and quit being a bunch of whiny little bitches. Normies are going to like us because we’re edgy and radical or they’re not going to like us at all. Trying to regulate what we do and say in order to try and placate the kike media is not a horrible strategy – it isn’t even a strategy. It is just a cowardly reaction.

But here’s what shocked and disappointed me: Stefan Molyneux retweeted Paul Joseph Watson retweeting Mike Cernovich saying Richard Spencer is a secret agent.


You all might have noticed that I stopped posting Molyneux’ videos. It wasn’t because I realized he’s a secret Jew – he recently came out and said he isn’t a Jew, and I believe this. It was because he started associating with the lowest filth on the internet – MILO and Gavin McInnes. And I want nothing to do with anyone who has anything to do with these people.

However, I still have some respect for Molyneux, and I am shocked to see him jumping on some “he’s a secret agent – I have no evidence or reasoning for this beyond the fact that I know the Holocaust was real because I read Anne Frank’s Diary” nonsense.

Stefan Molyneux claims to care about empiricism. And over the last two years, he’s demonstrated that he is willing to engage data and draw real conclusions from it. As such, I believe he has an obligation, if he is going to call Richard Spencer an FBI plant without any evidence, to bring Richard on his show and confront him about it and to present his reasoning for assuming that anyone who references Hitler is a secret agent.

If he can’t do that, that it seems his entire presentation of himself is just a gigantic hoax, and despite his high and mighty talk of humble philosophy, he is really no better than an internet marketer trying to hawk ebooks and/or penis juice.

Hit him up on Twitter and let him know we’d like to see him confront Spencer with his evidence that he’s a fed shill.


You can also spam his YouTube videos.

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