Democracy is Stupid

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 2, 2016


What we learned last night, above all, is that democracy is stupid and should be universally banned.

There is simply no logical reason any thinking person would endorse Ted Cruz over Donald Trump. The fact then is that these are not thinking people. They are low IQ evangelical nutjobs.

ted cruz prayer team

Evangelical Christians believe that the end of the world is coming, and they will be sucked up into outer space by a Space Jesus. They believe the number one purpose of all men is to protect Jews. Because of “End Times” prophecy.

These people should not be allowed to drive cars or boats or any other motorized vehicle, let alone decide the course of history.

They will literally lay down and worship any bread-faced rat who starts babbling on about how God talked to them about abortion clinics. They have an extremely low consciousness, these people.

They are the hammer of the Jews.

serves him right he trusted ted cruz

The religion of evangelicalism was invented by and for baby-boombers. It is basically a feel-good ecstasy cult. These churches all have rock n’ roll music. Seriously. It’s called “contemporary worship music.”


Rock out for Jesus, bro – hang loose.

They do African voodoo-style faith healing rituals. They start crying and jumping around and flailing their arms. This is very popular. It’s on video.


Huge numbers of them claim that God talks to them – like a voice inside of their heads. Ted Cruz himself kept saying publicly that God was speaking to him and sending him messages about his campaign.

Most non-boomers have abandoned the evangelical cult because they simply don’t possess the necessary levels of self-absorption necessary to be involved in it. Boomers hoping to keep the cult going and destroying more things have responded by importing non-Whites to sustain the cult.

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Non-Whites are naturally drawn to the cult’s voodoo gibberish, because non-Whites, like boomers, are self-absorbed and childish enough to believe they can gain magical powers to help them with their finances and so on.

Meanwhile, younger generations are left without any religion, because boomers abolished traditional religion in favor of this voodoo-ecstasy/End Times prophecy/”God is talking to me in my head” cult.

Why should the future of our country be entrusted to people who are objectively insane by any normal measure?

Evangelicals may be the dumbest retards of all, but there are all sorts of retards running around everywhere, and they are in fact easier to mobilize to vote simply because they are so stupid and easily manipulated into believing something stupid.

The solution is to abolish democracy completely, and replace it with nationalistic, populist authoritarianism.

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