Disgraced Nintendo Pedo Alison Rapp is a Literal Prostitute (Allegedly)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2016

Alison Rapp Nintendo Pedophilia

Nazis forced an innocent feminist child-sex promoter into prostitution!

Alison Rapp, a feminist and child-sex advocate recently fired by Nintendo as the result of a White supremacist conspiracy headed-up by the Daily Stormer, has now apparently been exposed as having worked as a literal prostitute.

Alison’s alleged whoring has been exposed on the Kiwi Farms forums, who found her allegedly going by the name of Maria Mint on the website eros.com, where she allegedly is selling herself for outrageously large sums of cash-money.

The profile has since been removed, but here’s a screenshot.

Maria Mint | Eros Escorts in Seattle, Washington

Archive link

Right now, I will still use the word “alleged,” but it is all but 100% confirmed that Alison Rapp is Maria Mint the petite tattooed Seattle hooker. There’s almost no way they aren’t her pictures, and they are pictures which are not available elsewhere online, so unless someone stole sexy pictures from her somehow then made a fake hooker profile then deleted that profile when internet Nazis discovered it, then Alison Rapp is a prostitute.

She allegedly offers a variety of options, from one hour bing-bangs to 8 hour day dates. She allegedly also says that before sex, she will help you plan to overthrow capitalism, which is not something generally associated with making one hot. Or maybe in Seattle it is, I don’t know.

She also does “groups,” AKA gang-bangs.


It appears that she allegedly became a whore immediately after being fired late last month. Like, within hours she created the profile.

Here are the alleged pics:

BpAgEkZ mfySKdq YvIMgAa 1r9u93A KHGxrrv 1ZPwJvm VdnFJrv KcTzD0z V30jlRB V3hr4yK

And here is some detective work, allegedly confirming the pictures are not just someone similar-looking.

1460265325629 1460265267172ed5eedf51022f2baf857bbac25d5990342622894_1_690x369

Ladies, this is why you shouldn’t get tattoos – not only are they disgusting on women, but you can’t rule out the possibility that someday Nazis will get you fired and you’ll immediately have to go work as an internet hooker.

Hilariously, that ring she’s allegedly wearing in the alleged hooker pics is her wedding ring.

Here’s her cuck husband showing the allegedly matching version off on Twitter.


Of course as a man, I’m greatly understanding of what he must be going through, both with the fact that his wife is allegedly a filthy whore and with the fact that in a few hours it will be in the news cycle that his wife is allegedly a filthy whore and that he presumably knew about it.

So, so sad.

But hey, why don’t you go ahead and brutally mock him on twitter anyway: @JakeRapp20X6.

It is necessary that we establish a record of utterly crushing our enemies.

No mercy.

Plus, look at this guy.


Surprised there isn’t an option on her options list to bring her husband to watch.

No Survivors

Let it be known: we demolish our enemies.

Milo Yiannopoulos never got a single video game feminist fired. We got the first one we targeted fired, destroyed her life and allegedly forced her into prostitution. We have destroyed not only her career, but presumably her marriage as well.


Okay, she probably always wanted to be a prostitute and was just looking for an excuse. But nonetheless, fact remains: the SJWs should be very afraid.

We are not playing a game.

Hail Victory.

More information to follow in the comments section.

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