Does the Alt-Right and the Hoteps Share Some Common Ground?

Daily Stormer
March 19, 2017

Red Ice reports on black phenomenon!

One of the Hoteps, Hotep Jesus, join Henrik for a conversation about potential overlapping interests between the Hoteps and the Alt-Right. Do we share some similar ideas? More importantly, do we have a common enemy, trying to keep us at each other’s throats?

Hotep argues against forced multiculturalism, for nationalism and that he’d one day love to see American Blacks going back home to Africa.

Notable Replies

  1. No niggers, and no nigger lovers. Period

  2. The only common ground shared is the earth beneath our feet, which is the entire problem.

  3. I'm not sure how the interviewer didn't send the nog this then laugh in his face

  4. It seems a lot of people missed the substance of this interview. It doesn't matter what the KANG believes beyond his desire to liberate his people from Jewish mind control and return to Africa.

    That common interest is the whole point. Of course we can't live together, but working with these goyim in the short-term to undermine the kike narratives can't hurt.

    Imagine if even 10% of niggers got it through their heads that The Evil White Man was actually a kike banker. Imagine the urban nigger hordes treating the media like they treat the police.

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