Double O Dipshit

Daily Stormer
February 16, 2017

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  1. They fell victim to the "look at me" society they have created...Now their hubris will be their undoing...They will go down,,, These people will be tried. Just watch. on a side note...I'm first.

  2. Very interesting. When Trump went to the CIA and got a standing ovation, it was the analysts and secretaries cheering him on. The fucking spooks and other black ops motherfuckers were NOT there. They hate Trump. Hope he splinters them bastards into a thousand pieces...

  3. Dear God!

    This is the other side of the "spirit cooking, Pizzagate Podesta emails, Hillary Clinton, Houma Abedin corruption sleaze" that almost gave the government to them, by our perverted and Satanic political system!

    It has "Jew" written over every single aspect of it-even if no Jews are involved!

    It is the 'spirit of antichrist,'
    for those who understand biblical analogy.

    While it is true we all need to pray for Donald Trump, we need to also 'lock and load' and be prepared to take our country away from these evil perverted sons of bitches.

    Because it is time for the American citizenry to reclaim our country again.

    May God defend our Leader, President Donald Trump

  4. I have the feeling Trump is going to bring the hammer down.

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