Travesty: Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death for Being White

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2017

Dylann Roof being escorted out of court after jury announces lethal injection verdict

Dylann Roof, an underprivileged child with bad home training, has been convicted and sentenced to death in his Federal hate crime case. Black Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a fervent opponent of the death penalty but only when the murderer is black, personally went out of her way to ensure capital punishment was on the table for Roof.


Jurors have reached a verdict in the penalty phase of the trial of convicted Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof.

After three hours of deliberation, the federal jury has decided that Roof should be sentenced to death.

Roof, an avowed white supremacist, shot and killed nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston in June 2015. Jurors convicted him last month of federal murder and hate crimes charges.

You can’t execute lil’ Dylann!

The racial double standard can be seen by the fact that Justice Department has a moratorium on recommending capital punishment. Loretta Lynch has overseen a DoJ review as to whether the death penalty is even legal, but undermined her own agenda in commuting sentences just because the perpetrator in the case is white and the people killed were black. If Dylann Roof wants a chance to really fight the system, his lawyers should appeal this case on the grounds of anti-white racism and take it all the way up to the federal courts. The evidence of bias is overwhelming.

Very few people have been executed under the aforementioned federal statutes in the last 50 years. If Dylann Roof is executed, he will be the first in over a decade under these circumstances, since it is unlikely the other candidate – Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – will ever have his penalty enacted.

The greatest lesson to learn from the Roof case is that our society’s morality is warped. Convicted serial killers, pedophiles, etc. all have advocates against the death penalty lobbying to save their lives, but a crime motivated by “racism” is perceived as beyond the pale. The idea here is that crime-think is more egregious than the crime itself. The use of the death penalty and federal power to make a racial statement is not just unethical, but flagrantly unconstitutional.

With a few notable exceptions, some of the best known anti-death penalty activists have not even bothered to comment on this high profile case. In fact, “liberals” are eagerly anticipating it. Blacks have committed thousands of crimes worse than this one against whites in the United States over the past decades, and escaped death. In Maryland alone Martin O’Malley commuted all the death sentences of (mostly black) death row inmates, to cite just one example.

In order to hasten racial healing in the United States and avoid more whites lashing out, Dylann Roof should be let go and given a second chance.

Notable Replies

  1. The legacy news and movies are indistinguishable today. And as to the movies, well...

  2. They keep saying Roof is a "racist White Supremacist".

    But he has said repeatedly that what drove him to kill was rampant black violence against whites.

    There's nothing racist or "supremacist" about defending your people.

    Separatism =/= supremacy.

    I wouldn't even call it a "hate crime".

    It was a crime -- and even most self-professed "racists" find his choice of targets questionable.

    But "hate crime", "racist", "White Supremacist"... not buying any of that.

  3. My tribute to Dylann Roof
    Nelson Mendela killed innocent whites in S Africa and he is celebrated worldwide...what about Dylann?

  4. Black church is a joke, they go there to sing jebus songs. It's a farce a mockery of religion.

    What hypocrites they are, a race of criminals and rapists complaining about violence.

  5. An appeal is automatic in death penalty cases so this is in no way over yet. Dylann could be awaiting appeal and sitting on death row for many years.

    Regardless of what you think of his actions Dylann is a victim of a genocidal system which intends to destroy us all.

    Dylann is a Prisoner Of War.

    I intend to keep writing to him. I don't idolize him - I don't even understand why he chose the course of action he did but I do empathize. I wish he had done something else.

    @Weev posted the mailing address for Dylann and a good article a while ago:

    Dylann Storm Roof, 0001518680
    Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center
    3841 Leeds Ave.
    Charleston, SC 29405

    Now that he's sentenced he will soon be moved from the Detention Center unless they leave him there until his appeal IDK- either way he will get your mail if you send it to the above address.

    He isn't as physically or psychologically strong as someone like Breivik but we have to encourage him to build himself up and become a high-order Shitlord.

    I will tell him that I am proud of how he handled himself in court, that his words were the correct ones.

    I will tell him that the struggle continues.

    I will encourage him to read, train, draw, paint and write.

    I will ask him if he needs anything.

    Maybe he can submit some artwork or writings to DS by snailmail?

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