Elton John Warned He Will be Arrested if He Flaunts His Faggotry on Russian Tour

Daily Mail
December 4, 2013

Elton John. Just looking like that should be breaking law.

Elton John is due to perform in Russia this Friday and Saturday – but the concerts could be called off by local officials if they believe his performances will break their ‘gay propaganda’ laws.

Despite Sir Elton being one of the most famous performers in the world, having sold more than 250 million records worldwide, if officials suspect he’s going to use his appearances to rail against Russia’s new rulings, they will pull the plug, according to The Times.

Vladimir Putin. Defender of Russian children’s innocence.

Quoting Russian paper Your Day, it reports that preparations for the concerts – in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall and Kazan – have already been a considerable expense.

The rider – a list of requests – apparently runs to 50 pages and includes his hotel dressing room in Moscow being turned into a ‘paradise garden’ populated by ‘decorative birds’ and trees.

Sir Elton, who reminisced in an interview in September about having sex on a Moscow rooftop with a translator during his 1979 Soviet Union tour, said he wanted to perform in Russia to support the gay community.

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