Erdogan Says Merkel Wants to Bring Back Gas Chambers

Daily Stormer
March 20, 2017

This is… pretty lulzy.

Notable Replies

  1. So he's terrified we're gonna get all the lice off their clothes?

  2. _DH_ says:

    This guy Erdogan... At first when I started hearing of him a few years back, I thought he had the right spirit, sticking it to the woman, so to speak. But this last year has had me become more and more convinced that he's completely out of his mind, that there's not a sane bone in his body. There doesn't seem to be any common thread to the statements he's making. He's kind of like Zhirinovsky in Russia.

  3. I hope she will bring back lampshades and soap too.

  4. Arabs and Muslims are a race of tramp, throat slitters, robbers, jealous and sexually obsessed, disgusting low iq sub humans. They are now multiplying like rats because a century ago we provided them with vaccines and new technology. If it wasn't for this and christianity, they would be long gone due to natural selection. This is the kind of case that makes you rethink the notion of benevolence.
    They canno't contain their urge to conquer and submit, under the banner of their highly stupid and obscene religion. They are a sort of low IQ jews on crack.
    They will have to be put to rest first imo. Of all the human races i have encountered, i believe muslims and arabs are the worst by far. There is not an ounce of good in them. Look at those retarded unatractive women, with their fucking headscarfs, gathering like sheeps for their sultan.

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