Family of White Woman Hear How She was Raped and Murdered by Black

December 6, 2013

Amber DeLoach
Amber DeLoach enjoyed running and had not yet become a mother. Her parents now have to listen as this wicked Black defames her memory as he attempts to squirm out of a rape and murder charge.

SCMPD detectives testified Thursday that Amber DeLoach was strangled and found wrapped in a blanket in the trunk of a burning car in Yamacraw Village.

Shan Cheley stood emotionless for his entire preliminary hearing as Amber DeLoach’s family listened to the graphic details of her death.

Cheley is charged with murdering DeLoach.

Police say the blanket her body was wrapped in belonged to Cheley.

“Mr. Cheley indicated he met Ms. DeLoach downtown and they wanted to exchange sex for drugs,” Det. Robert Santoro said.

Others believe DeLoach was raped and murdered.

Shan Cheley
Coke fiend Shan Cheley is accused of felony murder, rape and arson.

Police say Cheley was identified in surveillance video at a BP Gas Station shortly before 911 calls started coming in that a car was on fire.

Police say Cheley admitted it was him in the video at the convenience store.

“That is where he purchases gasoline and a lighter and then he goes back outside and gets the gas and walks on foot,” Santoro said.

Police say Cheley was wearing the same shoes they found near DeLoach’s rental car.

When they interviewed him, they say he changed his story – later admitting he did meet Amber DeLoach, but he didn’t admit to killing her.

Cheley told police the last time he saw DeLoach she was alive. Police are still waiting for DNA results. They say a male’s DNA was found on DeLoach and blood was also found in Cheley’s home.

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