Family of White Woman Hear How She was Raped and Murdered by Black

December 6, 2013

Amber DeLoach
Amber DeLoach enjoyed running and had not yet become a mother. Her parents now have to listen as this wicked Black defames her memory as he attempts to squirm out of a rape and murder charge.

SCMPD detectives testified Thursday that Amber DeLoach was strangled and found wrapped in a blanket in the trunk of a burning car in Yamacraw Village.

Shan Cheley stood emotionless for his entire preliminary hearing as Amber DeLoach’s family listened to the graphic details of her death.

Cheley is charged with murdering DeLoach.

Police say the blanket her body was wrapped in belonged to Cheley.

“Mr. Cheley indicated he met Ms. DeLoach downtown and they wanted to exchange sex for drugs,” Det. Robert Santoro said.

Others believe DeLoach was raped and murdered.

Shan Cheley
Coke fiend Shan Cheley is accused of felony murder, rape and arson.

Police say Cheley was identified in surveillance video at a BP Gas Station shortly before 911 calls started coming in that a car was on fire.

Police say Cheley admitted it was him in the video at the convenience store.

“That is where he purchases gasoline and a lighter and then he goes back outside and gets the gas and walks on foot,” Santoro said.

Police say Cheley was wearing the same shoes they found near DeLoach’s rental car.

When they interviewed him, they say he changed his story – later admitting he did meet Amber DeLoach, but he didn’t admit to killing her.

Cheley told police the last time he saw DeLoach she was alive. Police are still waiting for DNA results. They say a male’s DNA was found on DeLoach and blood was also found in Cheley’s home.

  • Billy Ray Jenkins

    This is in GEORGIA FOLKS. Another horrible Black on White Crime brought to you from Dixie. I keep SHOUTING THIS. The South is where this Sh*t is popping off hard now and this is war. We have to know this the negroes have declared war

    • CrimsonTide

      This is not brought to you by “Dixie” – Dixie is the spirit and heart and culture of the Southern people. This is another horrible black on white crime brought to you by feral negroes, end of.

      • Billy Ray Jenkins

        Sweety you missed the point. I am saying the Race War is on in Dixie and that EVERYONE needs to wake up to this fact. It is ugly and it is getting uglier and I am &&&&&&& pissed off nobodys talking about it. I am seriously pissed.

        • CrimsonTide

          I understand your point, my point is I don’t want another aspect of my culture hijacked by leeching, murderous coloreds. When blacks murder whites in the Uk I certainly wouldn’t say “another crime brought to you by Great Britain”.

          It probably seems like a small point to you, but we need to put the blame squarely where it belongs.

          • Billy Ray Jenkins

            I do put the blame squarely where it belongs I am just so ******** pissed off theres a race war going on in the Southland completley one sided BTW and nobody, not one **** politician or anyone is talking about whatsoever. The only place you can find out is online. I Blame the Jews and the black scum 100% but it hurts me deeply to see the fact that NO ONE BRINGS this up. Thank God my peoples in the Hills where its somewhat safe.

          • CrimsonTide

            I live in a city in the South with about 1.5 million people & my state prob has about 35% minorities, but I can honestly tell you whites live in the suburbs and are generally pretty well off so they aren’t bothered by this in day to day life. (even poor whites live around other poor whites)

            97% of the murders are black on black and certainly no one is bothered with that. You are seeing many more of these black on white crimes come out of the South bc that is where about 80% of the blacks in this country live. It’s proportional really and from my experience Southern country blacks in no way compare to the savagery of places like Detroit and Chicago.

            And you are absolutely right that the national media has no interest in reporting black on white crimes no matter where they are committed.

            You can bet your last dollar that if blacks in the South ever did kick up a legitimate ‘race war’ that they would be put down very quickly in a blood bath. Then and only then would the media pay attention, and the Southern people would be condemned on a national scale again.

            Federal tanks would probably roll down the streets in the South with martial law declared to teach the “racist southerners” a lesson. Would be a good time and reason for the Feds to confiscate as many guns from the Southern whites as possible.

            This would truly be the only way they could attempt a true radical takeover because once the Southern people are well subdued there will be no fighting spirits left in this country, our region is the only ones who consistently stand up to them and the Jews hate this. I truly think this is a reason they are ramping up racial tensions like they are – it’s on a massive scale now. Beyond sickening.

          • Billy Ray Jenkins

            As always same people leading the division and disgusting sh&t now as led it 200 years ago. Jews. I have been into some research lately and discovered how Jewish Relativism led by Baruch Spinoza which came through the French Relativists in the late 1700s infiltrated Harvard about the time of the Revolution. At the same time Harvard went Unitarian. Unitarianism became the leading religion among the New England Establishment and was based in Jewish Relativism.

            The Jews do not have to be present to be part of the problem, they write the books that the colleges use and if you use their texts you will think as they do. As I pointed out before Thomas Jefferson thought along the line of the Jewish Noble Savage all people are equal line although he did exclude blacks. Thomas Jefferson actually encouraged mass intermarriage between Whites and American Indians which wouldve produced a mestizo race no different than Mexico.

            I don’t think any of them have ever been our friends.

          • Billy Ray Jenkins

            Crimson you left out the one thing affecting the South and all the rural small areas now and that is the TV/INTERNET Communicating the thug life culture of the cities to the kids out in the sticks. Its programming. Those kids who killed that white Aussie guy in Oklahoma were programmed by that music to do that. I almost guarantee, no Hip-Hop music in their houses, no thug imagery, they probably dont grow up to be killers. That stuff is programming.

            Of course Jews put it out. As if we should be surprised.

            I GUESS THE NATIONAL BLACK FOOT SOLDIER NETWORK WILL LABEL ME A REPARATIONS OFFENDER. Seeing as how my 6th Great Grandfather owned a Tobacco Plantation in Goochland Virginia in the 1700s.

          • CrimsonTide

            The truly sad part is that the Jews have had this hatred for the South because they could not ultimately infiltrate their minds. Even children in the South know not to believe anything on tv because they see their people so badly misrepresented on it.

            The people of the South also cannot be convinced they have no culture as the Jews have successfully convinced the rest of white America, as you know Jews hate any white that holds onto their culture.

            People in the South know not to trust what they are taught in schools because their own history has been so truly distorted – and they surely know never to trust politicians so Jews haven’t been able to infiltrate them that way.

            Heart wrenchingly enough, in the last 20 years or so they have finally found a small way in and it’s through their religion. They have so twisted the Biblical “Jews” & “Israel” that they have at last found a crack to seep their toxicity through.

            Most Southerners have little to no personal contact with Jews so the Biblical Jew is all they know – & the sons of satan have exploited that to the fullest. It makes me literally sick.

          • Billy Ray Jenkins

            Crimson you’re now talking about 99% of the Baptists and all of the Pentecostals are into that Support Israel crap. Luckily I was spared the whole support the Jews trip my church doesn’t support them thank God. They still believe Christians vs Infidels as it should be and Jews are infidels as are Muslims and the rest.

            When my dad grew up the Premillenialism obsession hadn’t taken over Dixie then and become an obsession as it is now. In fact find any old person and ask them if they went on and on about Israel then theyll say no.

            About the only crazy thing some of them were into was handling snakes.

          • CrimsonTide

            It’s not really about premillennialism so much as it is that Israel is our ally and a stalwart enemy of the Muslims, which most Christians (rightly) see as their enemy. And that’s the thing, they are the very visible enemy while the Jew is the invisible enemy behind the curtain.

            There’s a book called, The Provincial Jews – written by Southern Jews for other Jews to explain to them their culture. In it they talk about how embarrassed they were when Israel first came into existence as “the Baptists don’t have their own country nor the Methodists”. They were not fully comfortable with the idea until the gentiles started giving their outspoken approval. And the #1 thing that started the support of the country was that they won wars against an army of a much larger number.

            Being the underdog is something that Southerners immediately identify with and the media has played up that aspect of Israels existence. This is a region where ‘bravery’ and ‘honor’ are still the top 2 most admired attributes in large surveys, so seeing Israel struggle for it’s survival in a hostile environment, basically puts them up a notch.

            Now we of course know what the Jews are doing worldwide to damage us but the majority do not yet. And also until recently all that could be seen of what Israel did was on the JewTV.

            I’m just trying to give you a clearer picture of the mindset here – as I was a big Israel supporter myself since I was a teen.

          • Billy Ray Jenkins

            I have read about the Israel theology that emerged at the same time and took over most the Baptists and other groups its a one two punch.

            Southern Jewry is a whole other subject with its own twists and turns. I have heard the term STORE JEW or DRY GOODS JEW or JEW STORE from my grandparents as they used to say the Jews owned all the Dry goods and clothing stores in town. Of course the Jews got filthy rich from swindling people on their crops and from taking scrip as well.

            You probably heard those terms

          • CrimsonTide

            I think I might be a bit younger than you as I never heard my grandparents use those terms. And for the majority of their (some) 300 + years here, they have been fairly poor. Now they have a pretty nice community set up but many still live out in the country on small farms, as hard as that probably is to imagine lol.

            We also have a fresh influx of Israelis who work the kiosks in the mall but they have nothing to do with Southern Jews. I already know your take on them so we don’t have to go into that.

            But something funny that my grandfather had in some pictures he was showing me on Thanksgiving, from the Civil Rights era (my father was a young child then) – really shows how duplicitous Jews can be even to their own if it means screwing over the gentiles.

            During this time of course there was still photos and snippets of videos showing ‘brutality’ (idk if you have ever seen the entirety of those films – for instance when the dog bites those kids, those kids had been hitting the dogs with a jacket in the face for almost a full 3-5 minutes) – they never showed the real situation.

            There was a famous photo of downtown Birmingham which shows rows of stores with their doors barred and a sign that says “New York Jews Go Home”. The original which my grandfather has, actually says “Alabama Jews Tell New York Jews Go Home” – and they were guarding their doors not allowing the New York Jews entry into their shops.

            So basically the mediajews just cropped this pic to blame Southern Whites for what actually Alabama Jews did! It’s a great pic though, had me falling out of my chair laughing.

          • Billy Ray Jenkins

            Exactly. Most stores in much of the South were owned by Jews that was because White Southern folk were just NOT into running stores they wanted to work the land. A true Southerner is by nature not given to commerce, in fact they were calling the Yankees a race of jack knife sellers and shopkeepers before the war. I suspect that comes from Old Scotland’s heritage.

            Before the war Southern Jews were largely into trading slaves and other types of trade, some were landowners as well and afterward many went into owning dry goods and consingment stores. They were especially nasty running stores that operated solely on scrip and layaway. We also called them Company Stores, ask your Pappy about them. I know someone from Arkansas who talked about going to the Gin House, and the Jews would cheat them on their cotton. They left them practically penniless.

            As to the Confederate Gold I will throw you this. The Secretary of State the Jew Judah Benjamin skedaddles, the gold disappears and he turns up in London. I still think the Southern Treasury is in London or Israel.


          • CrimsonTide

            There would have to be proof that such a treasure ever existed. Considering the state of finances of the Confederacy and the fact that every state printed their own money which was literally worthless at the end of the war, I tend to believe this is just a myth.

  • Tremley

    Diversity is a failure! We need to bring back segregation

  • John Thomas

    Is there a death penalty in that state? Damn, I hope so. If not, a good old fashioned lynching would do the job.

    • Billy Ray Jenkins

      National Black Foot Soldier Network is cheering this. I wonder if Andrew has investigated these A HOLES yet

    • CrimsonTide

      It’s Georgia – they certainly are not afraid to put down the wild animals.

      • Billy Ray Jenkins

        Thing is it will take 15-20 years to get him, when this ******* deserves it now. I am sitting here mad enough to spit reading this. Hell my granddaddy was a slaveholder owned like 50-100 of em not sure exactly have to read his will again but I guess I am a reparations offender now.

      • Billy Ray Jenkins

        Crimson Tide, you never answered my question girl, are you a Reparations Offender like I am? Thats what Black Supremacists call slave holding Southerner descendants now. Look up those Black Foot Soldier Nuts.

        I will also lay something else on you to think about. Since all Southerners pretty much originated in Virginia or Carolina the chance your ancestors and mine crossed paths is pretty much a given. Theres places in Virginia and the Carolinas named for my family believe it or not.

        Not too bad for an evil Yankee.

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