FBI Entraps White Guy for Allegedly Planning Dylann Roof-Style Massacre on Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2017

This is at best entrapment, at worst a hoax.

But there’s a lesson here.


A South Carolina man arrested after buying a gun from an undercover FBI agent wanted to execute a racially motivated attack in the spirit of the 2015 massacre at an African-American church in Charleston, authorities say.

Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell, 29, was arrested Wednesday in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and charged with felony in possession of a firearm or ammunition. After a Thursday hearing in a federal courtroom, he is being held at the Florence County Detention Center.

McDowell has spent multiple years in prison for a variety of crimes, including assault and battery and second-degree burglary, WMBF reported. He became involved with white supremacists while serving time in a South Carolina prison, Horry County Police told the FBI.

McDowell first made contact with the undercover FBI agent after he posted on Facebook in early January an anti-Semitic rant that referenced Dylann Roof.

On January 5, McDowell wrote on Facebook that “they should be Feasting on the enemy that stole their Heritage and their bloodline and trying to run us off of this Earth you can post pictures of f****** Viking and swords all the s*** you want to post if you ain’t got the heart to fight for Yahweh like dylann roof did you need to shut the f*** up…,” WMBF reported, citing the federal complaint.

The undercover agent first met with McDowell on January 12, at a Myrtle Beach hotel, according to court documents, which stated that McDowell believed the agent “handled problems for the Aryan Nations.”

“McDowell indicated he sought a way to conduct an attack on non-whites without getting caught,” according to the complaint. A previous Facebook post identified his potential target as Temple Emanu-El, a conservative synagogue in Myrtle Beach.

During the meeting, McDowell discussed obtaining a gun that couldn’t be traced back to him. McDowell said he wanted to be “scot-free” and avoid further jail time.

“I seen what Dylann Roof did and in my heart I reckon I got a little bit of hatred and I..I want to do that s***. Like, I got desire, not for nobody else…it just…I want something where i can say, ‘I f****** did that’…me personally.”

He also told the agent about his hate for non-whites and his belief in white supremacy, the complaint states. “If I could do something on a f****** big scale and write on the f****** building or whatever, ‘In the spirit of Dylann Roof’.”

On February 15, McDowell met with the agent and purchased a .40 caliber Glock with hollow point ammunition, WMBF reported. He was arrested in a Myrtle Beach hotel shortly after the exchange, according to court documents. At the time of arrest, McDowell was carrying the gun, ammunition, a marijuana cigarette and a cell phone.

So, it was clearly a set-up of someone who was dealing with some problems. Whether he knew what was going on is irrelevant. If we had good cops in this country, they would see this guy and come talk to him and say he needs to put his energy into something constructive and political.

Look, I understand people are angry.

We’re all angry.

But this is not the way to deal with it.

It doesn’t do any good.

If you’re feeling upset and helpless, join a Daily Stormer Book Club and meet with like-minded people, do constructive activism.

And stay off drugs.

We don’t need our guys getting arrested and we don’t need any lone wolves.

We are winning the war of ideas, and we need to stay on that path.

We’re winning.

Notable Replies

  1. Was Barney Rubble going to assist him?

  2. "Imagine the INTENSE PRIDE the FBI must have taking this hardened criminal off the streets!!

    (Pissst FBI, Antifa and BLM are paid millions of dollars by George Soros to terrorize the Patriotic AMerican Citezins and KILL COPS, Hey FBI,You think we could get a little hand here?)

  3. This fella doesn't seem like he was the sharpest out there to begin with. I admire his zealotry, but discussing stuff like this on Faceberg and other sites is only going to attract the attention you don't want. I feel for him and his frustration, but I feel he definitely should've been contacted by racial comrades to direct his energy into more positive channels.

    I have a few simple rules:
    1.If you have the Zucc-machine or other social media platform, be inconspicuous and not an attention seeker. Engage in constructive dialogue and debate of ideas, but leave it at that. If people want to get into heated, emotional exchanges bordering on violence, leave it alone. Because anybody who thinks your FB, Instagram, whatever is actually private and those things aren't turned over to the FBI or intel agencies everyday to comb through metadata is a fool at best.

    1. Always keep a low profile, be humble, but proud. Engage others with pure facts from an objective standpoint. Facts always trump emotion in the end.

    2. Disassociate from anybody advocating violence, in any way. Those people are most certainly on some agency watch list anyways. Don't get entangled up in it.

    3. Dress like a human being. Jeans, shirts, clean shoes, well groomed. Carry yourself like a respectable human being and people will notice.

    4. Have an actual job. Whatever your education, whatever your vocation, have a job, and be constructively engaged at it.

    AA is right. This is a war of ideas, and we obviously need to behave as such. We need to be above reproach and be pillars of our racial community.

  4. What Jewish garbage is that?

    Who but a kike would say / write that? fight for yahweh, lol.

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