Feminist Interviewer Takes Top Off in Front of Mayor

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2017

One thing I really like about bitches is how smart and interesting they are.

I have never met anyone more smart or interesting than a woman.

They are so creative.


Instead of repealing the 19th, we need to double it up. Make that 19th the 38th. Let these smart and interesting sluts vote twice. Make it illegal for men to eat or breath, put them all in prison.

The matriarchy is fixing everything – getting better every second.

Notable Replies

  1. joe1 says:

    he should have taken his pants off

  2. Wayne says:

    This attention whore is doing it right. Tits or GTFO, she choose tits.

  3. This slut desperately wants to be dominated. She's pushing the boundaries and seeing how far she can get away with it and is sorely disappointed when men don't put her in her place. Women do this cause it excites them. We know this to be true when the fifty shades of grey books are so popular and mostly consumed by women. Andrew has talked about this.

  4. Fat chicks always think that since they have big tits it automatically = sex symbol.

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