Feminists are Knitting ‘Pussyhats’ for Their Washington March

Daily Stormer
January 9, 2017

Notice the feminist wearing flowers in her hair just like a Victorian girl

Feminism isn’t really very creative. Everything revolves around an obsession with their vaginae.

Detroit News:

Seattle — Pussyhat. It’s a smirk of a name for a bright pink, knitted cap with little ears poking up from either side. Meow.

But don’t be fooled. All over America, knitters are casting on with a vengeance, making enough Pussyhats for an estimated 200,000 women who will gather in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 21 — the day after Donald J. Trump’s inauguration — to march in support of women’s rights.

“We’re not targeting Trump specifically,” stated Cassady Fendlay, a spokeswoman for the Women’s March on Washington, which has inspired sister marches in other major cities on the same day. “It’s much more about being proactive about women’s rights.”

So proactive, that knitting stores like Weaving Works in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood are stocking up on pink yarn and passing out patterns created by The Pussyhat Project, started by a group of women in California.

I can’t help but always question why feminists are so obsessed with terms like ‘pussy’ when it is usually considered a derogatory term. This is why they can’t be taken seriously.

You can’t respect a group that can’t follow what they preach

But this is hilarious. So we have feminists appropriating 1950s fashion, cross-stitching and now sitting around knitting.

And knitting takes a lot of time, and these feminists are actually making something other than a scarf. I’ll give them credit there.

But their secret longing for a traditional life is so ridiculously obvious.

I’m supposed to not take notice of the fact that all of their pastimes are heavily old-fashioned female ones?

And cat ears? That’s an absurd fashion trend that ‘feminine’ and dare I say slutty women and clueless teenagers follow, because for some reason they think it makes them look cute and attractive.

Feminists secretly want to be feminine, how can normies not see this?

It’d be so great if they stopped wasting everyone’s time and were just honest with themselves about what’s honestly stopping them from being the woman they really would love to be. Because it’s not the non-existent wage gap, I can tell you that right now.

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