Feminists Hijack Barbie: Jewess Amy Schumer Might Play Her in Live Action Movie

Daily Stormer
December 3, 2016

Listen to this fat thing with the deformed face, goyim. She's one of you.

She. Is. Poison.

Heaven forbid that a perfect Aryan goddess is portrayed on the big screen. How would that make all the fat adult women in the cinema feel?

Sydney Morning Herald:

The US studio Sony and Barbie’s owners, the toy giant Mattel, are pairing up on the project.

Schumer, whose credits include the film Trainwreck and the television series Inside Amy Schumer, is expected to serve as a co-writer on the film.

The Hollywood Reporter says the Barbie reboot will take a “contemporary spin on beauty, feminism and identity.”

In the film, Schumer’s Barbie will be portrayed as a misfit in the perfect “Barbieland”, eventually expelled and forced to contend with living in the real world where she discovers her uniqueness is an advantage.

Sony’s plans to develop a live-action Barbie film have been a slow burner for the US studio.

Kike Schumer is basically being allowed to destroy the movie by using it to make herself feel better about her self-esteem issues.

Because nothing makes a feminist more triggered than the thought of a little girl looking up to Barbie.


(((They))) say she’s a bad influence because the¬†average woman doesn’t look like her.¬†The fact that they don’t is the problem.

It’s not good enough that Barbie has had practically every single career possible, they just can’t handle the¬†fact that she pushes¬†traditional¬†beauty standards, and encourages young girls to embrace their femininity.

Yiddish media and ‘health experts’ love to run with¬†the idea that¬†if Barbie were real she’d look like this:


In real life Barbie would have no hands

In reality, this is a true representation of a¬†‘Barbie’ lookalike:


This is what threatens¬†a feminist’s self-esteem

Why can’t Aryan girls have somebody to look up to? Why are perfect¬†people always made to feel like outsiders? Why are we pretending pretty blonde girls don’t exist? How come it’s okay to body shame Barbie just because she’s not a fatty like Schumer? Why are changing a woman to suit modern ideals? Doesn’t that go against everything feminists preach?

Don’t forget that this¬†is the doll that feminists¬†want your daughter to play with:


What little girl doesn’t want to play with a doll who has stretch marks

I’m disappointed in Mattel for allowing feminists to use Barbie for their feminazi propaganda. There was in fact a time when Mattel defended Barbie.

Body image wise, girls are most easily influenced¬†when they’re past the age of playing with Barbie and are going through puberty. But I don’t hear¬†feminists¬†complaining about MTV promoting to young teens¬†that they should¬†strive to be sex objects, and that they should do nothing but have casual sex¬†every night of the week.

Forget all of that, according to them this is an absolute setback for girls everywhere:


How dare they influence young girls into believing that motherhood is perfectly normal!

 This is just another attack on white culture and traditional values.

We do not need to¬†pretend that pretty white women don’t exist just to make the lazy and unattractive ones feel better.

There is nothing normal about playing with a doll that looks lethargic and has zero incentives to work out at the gym.

The beauty of the Aryan woman

Girls should be encouraged to embrace their Aryan beauty

I don’t understand how playing with a stretch mark doll is a positive experience for a young person, but I know¬†that it’s that sort of upbringing that contributes to everybody living in a fat and lazy society.

This Barbie movie will just be another form of entertainment used by the Christ-Killers, to corrupt young girls and inspire them to be misfit cat ladies.


Make Barbie Great Again

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