Fillon Says France Can Never Become Multicultural

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2016


So, I don’t really know – I thought Sarkozy was going to win his primary and face off against Le Pen – but apparently, this Fillion person is going to be doing that.

He is extremely pro-EU, shilling for the most insane positions, such as the EU army.

But his rhetoric on Islam and immigration is now more extreme than Le Pen’s.

Daily Mail:

French conservative politician Francois Fillon has said he doesn’t want the country to be multi-cultural and promised ‘radical’ changes should he become the next president.

Fillon has been tipped to be the next president of France should he beat Alain Juppe in the Republican party’s presidential primary on Sunday.

When asked whether he saw the future of French society on Thursday as multicultural the conservative firebrand said: ‘the answer is no’.

‘France has a history, a language, a culture, of course this culture and language have been enriched by the contributions of foreign populations, but it remains the foundation of our identity,’ he said.

Fillon also rejected the suggestion that France is already a multi-cultural country.

‘No, in any case it’s not the choice we made, we did not make the choice of communitarianism and multiculturalism.’

‘When we go to somebody’s house, we don’t try to take power,’ said Fillon adding that immigrants must respect France’s cultural heritage.

That’s serious business. He’s got one more primary this Sunday, and then it is pretty much sure to be him and Marine Le Pen in the run-off in May which will decide whether France leaves the EU.

She’s in a worst of both world’s situation, where she has the Nazi label, based on the party’s history, but positions that are less radical than those of her opponent on race and immigration. She is also a woman, a type of person not generally associated with the right-wing.

Le Pen needs to get advice from Farage and Bannon ASAP, and she needs to just do whatever they say.

I don’t want to lose this election because of this horrible woman.

Notable Replies

  1. joe1 says:

    i dont trust this guy. anyone in France able to tell us what his positions were a year ago and 2 years ago?

    or is he just a (((fraud)))??

  2. Sandniggers are a symptom, Jews are the disease

  3. Texan says:

    France and Europe have always been multi-cultural. Germans have their culture, Italy has theirs, France theirs and so on. Bringing in Muslims and niggers only destroys the European cultures. The dark skinned filth must be removed.

  4. Remeber Fillon is grown up at Sarkozy school

    Sarkozy knew perfectly he couldn't win against Marine

    so he let his ' disciple' go on for him

    to me, it's a controlled fake right to try to steal voters on Marine and Marion

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