Film Director John Carpenter Angry at Nazis Using His Movie “They Live” to Expose Jews

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2017

Pay no attention to those Nazis goyim! “They Live” was about yuppies and capitalism and not Jews!

Film director John Carpenter took to Twitter recently to specifically call out Nazis who have used his 1980s film “They Live” to expose Jews. Here’s what he said.

Yuppies and unrestrained capitalism you say John? When you look at the West’s major financial institutions, you will see that they are dominated by Jews. It has been that way for years. Jews were at the center of establishing the Federal Reserve back in the early part of the 20th century. They’ve run the financial industry through the Fed and Wall Street banks ever since. So by saying that the film is about capitalism is just a way to conveniently avoid being called “anti-Semitic” etc.. There is no denying that Jews have been at the forefront of modern day capitalism.

One of the major themes presented in “They Live” is how an alien race took over our systems by pretending to be humans. Specifically, the film focuses in on how they took control over banks, big business and media. Sound familiar? This is what Jews have done to the West. They have masqueraded as a member of our own people and have exploited our trusting nature to subvert our societies.

When Roddy Piper puts on the sunglasses he sees the Jew!

Quite honestly it does not matter what Carpenter’s original intention for “They Live” was. Art takes on a life of its own through the people who experience it. There are obvious similarities between the aliens depicted in the film and Jews in real life. To pretend that this connection doesn’t exist is to deny reality.

If you watch “They Live” and look at the aliens as Jews, the movie can be perceived as a documentary on Jewish power.

Notable Replies

  1. We coopted it Carpenter and it's whatever the fuck our memes say it is!

  2. "The media runs the world. Absolutely. No tanks or planes. The media and the public companies. This is what The Protocols of [the Learned Elders of] Zion [is all about].

    "The Zionists, last century, were persecuted in Europe. So they immigrated to the United States. They had a target. They were united. And they did not permit [statements] critical of Zion. They went all the way to control the world and to control the minds of the people through the media. There's a lesson to learn from them.

    "They have control of the media here. We know it. They did not do it through tanks or machine guns. They planned of course. They united. Did you see Pat Buchanan's book [The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization]? He makes sense."

    Moustapha Akkad, the kebab who produced Carpenter's "Halloween" movies

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