Germany: 90-Year-Old Woman Raped by 19-Year-Old Migrant on Her Way Home From Church

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2017

It’s a part of their culture…

It’s because of the Crusades…

In every bushel…

Die Welt:

The rape of a 90-year-old woman in Düsseldorf provoked horror in the population. Now the suspected rapist – a 19-year-old with various previous convictions – has confessed before the court.

The old woman had just lit a candle for her family in the church as she was attacked completely without warning that Sunday morning by the young man who dragged her into a narrow house doorway.

He choked the woman and threatened her: “Quiet, or dead”. A torment began for the old woman. When the rapist left off the woman, her body was covered with bruises and abrasions, she had abdominal injuries. Then her tormentor rummaged through her handbag, wrote down her address from her ID documents and took her house key with him.

In the dock, Souhayl M. described his life marked by crime: born in Morocco, he grew up in Spain, left school at 15, was a member of the famous “Latin Kings”, an international drug-dealing gang, to which a series of murders are attributed.

He is a kickboxer, often involved in fights, he steals, is involved in drug offences. The judges in Spain sent him to a psychologist, imposed community service, custodial sentences, he was arrested several times. He came to Germany in 2016 because he faced prison in Spain, he said.

The judge wanted to know whether there was any indication of sex and violence in his previous life. The accused denied it. But the judge was interested in one of his previous crimes, read from the verdict of a Spanish court on a case of sexual coercion: it is the story of an attempted rape, which only failed due to the resistance of the victim.

“You waylaid an unknown woman on her doorstep, fell upon her?” “I don’t see it the way it’s put down there,” the accused said in the end. His sexuality, he said, was “completely normal”.

Translation via Diversity Macht Frei.

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  1. Rape is one thing, I get that. To rape a 90y/o woman?!?!?! WTF is that shit? I mean, how do you even........?
    Castration is the only answer to something like this imo.

  2. Don't worry. This guy is gonna put a stop to it:

    (((Schulz))) 2017!

  3. How long before ordinary people begin demanding the return of the death penalty?

    There is nothing redeeming about someone like this. His death would be a net gain for every other living being on this planet.

    And Jesus Christ, there's no way he's 19. He looks like he's past his mid-thirties. Brown-shits age like ass.

  4. the accused said in the end. His sexuality, he said, was "completely normal".

    "I bet you can hardly resist this sex bomb right? This is a photo of a typical 90 year old woman. Someone has to legalize eradicating the muslim scum.

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