Google Changes Algorithm to Bury Holohoax Denial Sites

Daily Stormer
December 26, 2016

This is definitely annudah shoah™.

So for a few years now, the top Google search result for “did the holocaust happen” was a link to a denial thread on Stormfront.

As you can imagine, this ticked off the Jews somewhat.

And by somewhat, I mean that they’ve being on full-meltdown mode.

Yet, for whatever reason, the SJW tech-giant has resisted hacking their own algorithm until now. So the Jews have brought out their final attack: whining really loudly.

Tbh, I didn’t even realize googles could write computer programs in the first place. You learn something new everyday.

Business Insider:

A Jewish heritage museum has accused Google of profiting from Holocaust denial because it is paying to prevent a neo-Nazi website from appearing as the top result for “did the Holocaust happen.

The marketing director of the Breman Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, said it was “nauseating” that Google directed users to the white supremacist site, and added that it was paying Google up to $2 a click to direct searchers to its own site via AdWords, Google’s pay-per-click advertising service.

David Schendowich said it was nonsense for Google to claim that it was not profiting from Holocaust denial. “They may not take money from people denying the Holocaust, but the point is that museums and other organisations are paying to combat this stuff. They plainly are. We are. We’re paying them up to $2 a click.”

Could Google secretly be staffed by White supremacists?


Actually, no.

It makes perfect sense for holocaust denial materials to be brought up first in the results for the query “did the holocaust happen.” Because Google’s algorithms aren’t designed to give people the “official narrative” on any given subject, but instead to give people what they’re looking for.

And it’s pretty obvious that anyone typing “did the holocaust happen” in a search bar is looking for evidence that it didn’t, in fact, happen. In the same way, someone typing “is the moon landing real” is not looking for a documentary on the moon landings, but for conspiracy information.

Huh, I’ll be… I guess NASA is even more sensitive and whiny than Jews, then. Or the Google staff just really hates moon-landing deniers.

The only people asking this question are people who doubt the official narrative. So Google is doing it’s job perfectly well. They’re giving people what they’re looking for; nothing more, nothing less. That’s why it’s the most popular search engine.

But that’s completely irrelevant in the face of organized Jewish extortion.

Search Engine Land:

Several days after Google put a search ranking change into place, the first page of results for “did the holocaust happen” now appears to be entirely free of denial sites.

The algorithm change happened earlier this week. As we covered, it caused the Stormfront denial site that was ranking tops for that search to slip to the second spot, bumped behind the authoritative US Holocaust Memorial Museum site. Now Stormfront is entirely gone while USHMM remains:

Stormfront has not been banned from Google. It still has listings in the search engine (as is the case at Microsoft’s Bing search engine). It’s just no longer in the top results for this query. It does appear about midway down on the second page of results.

In other words, they caved in to the pressure and just put in a special exception to appease Kike terrorists.

Of course, this hurts Google as a company. Putting in these exceptions makes their already absurdly complex systems even more difficult to manage, and could potentially break things unpredictably as their algorithm evolves further.

But while this is infuriating, ultimately it makes little difference. Again, people searching for this information just aren’t interested in the mainstream narrative, and thus will ignore all these “first results” and just scroll through them until they reach what they’re after.

Still, goes to show the power of Jewish whining.

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