Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Defining the Alt-Right

Radio Aryan
January 10, 2016

Grandpa Lampshade brings in the new year with the first officially recorded frogcast of 2017. We’re moving ahead full throttle without taking any breaks as we transition into what will no doubt be a very eventful 2017.

The Alt-Right, like it or not is a big thing. There is nothing stopping anyone from calling themselves Alt-Right so as a result, there are now many people calling themselves by the name, who do not identify with us. Make no mistake, Alt-Right means White Nationalist, period. Yet because there is nothing stopping anyone from calling themselves this, we have all sort of folks who go by the identification but who do not agree with us. In fact, they are very uncomfortable being a part of something that is at it’s core White Nationalist. As a result, we continue to see friction between the core of the Alt-Right, that is the White Nationalists and these other folks who have a lighter view of what the Alt-Right is. This friction is manifested by the constant misrepresentation of what we stand for and what we expect to accomplish. Grandpa Lampshade attempts to set the record straight once again for what seems like the 871st time. After recording this segment and giving it more thought, GPL has decided it’s time we start getting really specific about how we are going to market our political message and exactly what our political positions are. We are talking about actual specific policies. Starting with next week’s show GPL plans to start discussing some actual concrete positions and policies that cannot be mischaracterized by anyone. This will take place along with our usual thoughts for discussion.

Next up is the hot topic of the Chicago torture gang which blew up all over the internet last week. This illustrates once again that the mainstream media are quickly losing their ability to censor information like this and keep White people in the dark as to the imminent problems we face when it comes to these Blacks. We are seeing the usual approved reaction from the normie conservative types that Blacks are just somehow ruined because of misguided Liberal policies. These people act as though if not for Liberals, then Negroes would be no different to the rest of us. These people have a fantasy that they once were just like us until the Liberals came along and destroyed them. What is going to be destroyed here is this ridiculous notion, along with all of the other altruistic nonsense they come out with and the one doing the destroying will be Grandpa Lampshade.

Moving into the always popular listeners questions and comments segment we start with a light natured question from Tdog via Radio Aryan chat. T wants to know what is the most beautiful place GPL has ever visited. Of course as you all well know, Grandpa is one of the chosen few who are lucky enough to live in Texas so this is a tough question to answer. Grandpa talks a little about Texas and the beautiful places he’s seen elsewhere.

Next up is from Venomsc1488 via The Daily Stormer who has two daughters that he wants to protect and raise the right way. Venom wants to know what he can do to raise them on the right path and carry out his part of the 14 words. Grandpa reflects a little bit on the difference that becoming a parent brings to your perspective, as well as what his recommendations are for those who are trying to raise decent upright White children in our jewed out society.

2017 is going to make 2016 pale in comparison. We are going to keep on winning bigly and we are going to keep on growing our ranks. There will not be a lack of things to talk about and make no mistake, we will be talking about them, right here on Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day.

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Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Defining the Alt-Right – GL 011017

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Notable Replies

  1. PRAISE JESUS PAWPAW IS BACK!!!!! :smiley:

  2. Thanks for the answer grandpa great show as always lots of great info

  3. Nationalsocialism is a thought out
    well-designed universal principle.
    No need to reinvent the wheel.

  4. Another great show, Grandpa! I especially appreciated your child-raising tips.

    Two comments:

    1) In reply to what some have said about National Socialism having no connection to Americans- the truth is that the majority of White Americans are Germanic. Based upon the latest census data, I estimate that 63% of White Americans are Germanic (the next largest group is Celtic, at 23%, so that these two groups comprise 86% of White Americans).
    So if we define our identity racially, instead of civically, a majority of White Americans are "Germans," and are related by blood to Adolf Hitler and the Deutsch people of the Third Reich. Therefore we should feel a connection to them.

    This truth has been obscured because the word "German" is now used in English to refer only to the Deutsch. But the original meaning of the word "German," in Classical sources, was a member of the broader Germanic ethnic group. The Deutsch are not the only Germans; they are only one branch of the German folk. Here is a map showing the present-day extent of the German folk in Europe:

    All these peoples descend from a single ancestral stock, just as all their languages descend from a single parent language.

    This is a message which Hitler tried to communicate to England, that the Deutsch and the English were one folk. Therefore they should be allies. But we all know (((who))) was really in control of England.

    Many White Americans are confused about where their true loyalty lies because they have never been taught their ethnic identities. They just see themselves as "White" or "American." In reality, we are Germans, or Celts, or Slavs, or Greeks etc. We should love our folk and care about our folk. We have not revived racial consciousness until the German American feels more unity with the Germans of the Fatherland than with a Black or Mestizo American.

    Yes, as you have said many times, we all, whether German, Celt, or Slav, MUST ally together in the fight against our common (((enemy))); but I still say it is important that we regain a consciousness of our respective folks, histories, and cultures. Hitler himself spoke about the "White races" in the plural.

    2) You seemed to contrast National Socialism with forms of government such as monarchy- I wanted to say that National Socialism is not a form of government, but an ideology. Yes, I know that National Socialism was expressed through a specific form of government historically, but the truth is that National Socialism is not in itself a form of government. It is rather an ideology, which is compatible with more than one form of government. Hitler says this himself in Mein Kampf, Vol 1, Chap 12:

    Therefore it is not technically true that one has to choose between National Socialism and monarchy. One could have a National Socialist monarchy, just as one could have a National Socialist republic. The debate over forms of government is a completely separate issue from whether or not we should be National Socialist.

    National Socialism means that we define our nation in racial terms, in terms of our blood, and that we place the good of our folk ahead of personal self-interest. It also involves a theory of the value of work, and opposition to predatory practices like usury. Therefore we should all be National Socialists- it is the only solution.

    As far as the form of government goes, I really do not think that Hitler was opposed to monarchy/aristocracy in principle. He just despised those monarchies/aristocracies that were not based on National Socialist principles, such as the Habsburgs or the corrupt nobility of his day. Hitler greatly admired other kings, like King Friedrich the Great. And let's just be honest here: Hitler was basically a king. The position of Fuehrer was a de facto monarchy. National Socialism in historical practice had a strong centralized male authority figure at its head. We really did not get to see the National Socialist state last long enough to see the eventual form of government it would finally assume. Hitler was not worried about that at the time; he just wanted to lay the foundations of a folkish state, as he said in Mein Kampf. But my guess is that the Third Reich would have become a monarchy after Hitler.

    Anyway, these are my comments. Keep up the great work, Grandpa. Sieg Heil.

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