HAPPENING: Wild Ape Rampage at OSU, Ten Injured

Daily Stormer
November 28, 2016

please-let-the-shooter-be-whiteShitlibs everywhere at times like these.

Fox News:

At least one suspected is dead and 10 people were sent to the hospital after a shooting was reported Monday on the campus of the Ohio State University, officials said.

The main attacker was swiftly shuffled off to the hells he belongs in by local law enforcement officers whose precise execution rounds serve as a fitting seasonal offering to Wulþuz, the ancient Germanic god of winter and archery. No other fatalities have been reported so far, so hopefully this savage beast only succeeded in creating a throng of faithful new Republican voters before meeting his end. An aerial photo of the fallen ogre lying in a pool of its own blood after being delivered supreme justice is circulating on social media:

dead_jiggaboo_osuThat definitely isn’t white.

It looks like the bulk of the damage was done with a car and a knife.

Daily Mail:

The chaos started just before 10am, when a fire alarm was pulled at Watts Hall, home to the chemical engineering department. As people were evacuating the building, a man driving a silver car jumped the curb and mowed down the crowds of innocent bystanders.
The attacker then got out of the car and started slashing victims with a butcher knife. A witness told CNN that the knife-wielding man remained silent throughout the attack but had a ‘crazed’ look on his face. An OSU police officer was on the scene within a minute and shot the attacker dead.

This, of course, did not stop sobbing liberals from immediately demanding gun control.

The school, of course, is a gun free zone just like the rest of them, so there’s not a single more gun controlled place available. Maybe if it weren’t someone could have been carrying and solved this problem before so many stabbings had occurred. No word if prominent Democrats are going to be demanding knife control now.

In addition to the dead negroid, there are two other terrorist suspects currently in custody:

That’s two jigaboo bucks and a beta nu-male faggot. This looks like bona fide terrorism. One can’t help but think that events like these are running alongside Jill Stein’s recount scam and the push for faithless electors as part of an upcoming attempt at a Soros-backed color revolution. Your communities need to be prepared for more of this.

A fourth potential suspect, notorious antifa terrorist Sam Hyde, was last seen simply tweeting a smiling emoticon. No word from the FBI yet if they are construing this as tacit acknowledgement of his logistical responsibility for this attack.

Don’t forget how they screamed about how it was the time to talk about “white supremacy” when the corpses of the Dylann Roof shooting were still warm. You know what time it is? Time to talk about the civilizational scale plague of feral ape violence.

Update: aaaaaand it’s Moslems.

Sorry liberal swine, we don’t need gun control. We need Moslem control. Luckily come January 20th we’re getting just what the good doctor ordered.


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