Hate Crimes Charges Filed Against Evil Monkey Kidnappers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2017

The top cops in Chicago were making out like “oh, we don’t know if this is a hate crime or not, they could have just been screaming ‘fuck white people’ as a joke they thought was funny.”

I guess reality kicked in and they figured out they’d have a very angry nation of whites on their hands if they didn’t deal with this as what it is: the kidnapping, humiliation and torture of a man because of his race.

Washington Post:

Authorities in Chicago charged four people with hate crimes Thursday following the emergence of a disturbing video showing them shouting obscenities about President-elect Donald Trump and white people while abusing a man authorities say has mental health problems.

The footage, which Chicago’s top police officer called “reprehensible,” quickly went viral online. In the shaky video, a terrified young man in a gray hooded sweatshirt and dark pants is seen crouching in a corner, his wrists and neck bound with orange bands, his mouth taped shut.

Police say this man — an unidentified 18-year-old from Crystal Lake, a city northwest of Chicago — spent as long as five hours physically tied up in a corner.

In video footage posted on Facebook, a young woman films as two young men slash the sleeves of his shirt with knives and take turns punching him, slapping him and stomping on his head. At one point, one man can be seen cutting the victim’s hair and scalp with a knife, and the victim is later shown bleeding from his injuries.

While the 18-year-old man can be seen cowering with his back to the wall, another voice can be heard repeatedly shouting, “F‑‑‑ Donald Trump” and “F‑‑‑ white people.” The four apparent attackers were black, while the victim appeared to be white.

“Let me be very clear: the actions in that video are reprehensible,” Eddie Johnson, the Chicago police superintendent, said during a news briefing Thursday. Johnson said there was “never a question” about whether or not authorities would investigate whether the attack was a hate crime.

Authorities said the four people, who were taken into custody Wednesday, all acknowledged their roles in the attack.

“We have the statements of the four of them,” Chicago Area North Detectives Commander Kevin Duffin said at the briefing Thursday afternoon. “They admit that they were beating him, kicking him, they made him drink toilet water, and then obviously the video where they’re cutting a piece of his scalp.”

Duffin said that hate crime charges were warranted because of the victim’s “diminished mental capacity, the fact that they tied him up, the obvious racial quotes that they post live on Facebook.”

When asked whether the hate crime charges stemmed from the 18-year-old’s mental health or his race — both of which are factors listed in the state’s hate crime statute — Duffin said: “It’s half a dozen of one, six of the other.”

Well, you cuck – I didn’t hear these apes howling about his mental health.

Last night, CNN tried to make this insane argument – that the whole thing was because he was a retard.

Then gaynigger Don brought on niggerbitch Symone [sic] to say it wasn’t a hate crime at all.

I don’t even think he is mentally challenged. First it was that he was “special needs” like he was a retard, but now it’s “mental health,” which can mean anything from depression to schizophrenia. It seems to me this is just a way for the cops and their kike media allies to distort the situation.

The fact that they had to think about it at all is insane.

I mean, imagine if white guys had kidnapped a black man, tied him up, cut his scalp open to the bone, choked him, made him drink toilet water – all while yelling “fuck niggers, fuck Barack Obama.”

Would anyone have come out and said “oh this is just boys being boys, it doesn’t look racial or political in nature”?

But the American people are going to be asking a lot bigger questions than “was this a hate crime?” after seeing that torture video, I can tell you that.

At the top of the list of those questions is: what the hell are these people doing in our country?

We are paying for these animals’ entire lives, while we are being told that we owe them because of mythical historical injustices, as they violently attack us every single chance they get.

Why are they here?

Why don’t they go back to Africa?

What is the actual explanation for this?

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