Head of German Police Says They did Nothing Wrong

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2016

The head of the German Police Union has come out and said that the police did absolutely nothing wrong in their handling of the Christmas Massacre situation and the events that led up to it.

The terrorist was known to be a terrorist and was scheduled for deportation, but was released into the general population while they were waiting for the paperwork to come through so they could deport him to Tunisia.

You would think they would come out and be like “oh yeah, that was definitely a bad call, we should probably have kept him in jail or like, just deported him without his paperwork or whatever lol.”

But instead it’s “yeah, we did everything exactly correctly, and he committed a massacre, but you know, these things just happen – you’ve heard about how you make an omelet, yes?”

This makes the whole Merkel nightmare all that more ridiculous. They are just saying “yeah, too bad, you’re going to have to die.”

Notable Replies

  1. There are so many different nations fleeing the Syrian war,

    I updated the map for lib-tards.

  2. Kikes planned to blame Pole for the attack!
    Polish driver fought with Islamist-bomber in the cab of the truck. Islamist terrorist pulled his steering wheel, and severely injured him with a knife. Only in the cab and after an attack Islamist shot Pole. Polish guy still managed to reroute so victims were much less. In Poland he is a HERO.
    There was a witness who confirms the above, I quote: "I saw everything with my own eyes, it became virtually immediately. It looked as if someone caught behind steering wheel in order to bypass the people. When the truck stopped, there in the middle of the cabin was still shooting .. something terrible. "
    The driver was alive in the cab, and the bomber fled protected by the German ministry - because it was their kike operation. It was a typical false flag attack organized by special services in order to unleash a hate campaign on a massive scale.
    Why Pole? Because Slavs especially Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary are the only countries that very strongly opposed "refugees" so became the most hated nation in Europe. Thanks to independent media and witnesses this fake operation failed.
    If it was a real, spontaneous islamist terrorist attack and independent of jews, first thing he would get rid of the driver - dragged out, killed and kidnapped the truck. The reasons are logical, obvious and known to every soldier, special agent, or even civilian interested in combat tactics that the driver in the cab would be a nuisance, difficulty and enormous risk for an assassin and its operation. Because it can interfere with, spoil plans, and most importantly to draw attention of the police in the city.

    Here, however, the driver was needed and alive to blame him. Then the real attacker fled (protected by kike spec service). Then police would have found stunned and battered Pole. Results: Crazy Pole terrorist message to the whole world. They even had a ready template and just after a moment of the massacre the first message in all kike media was:
    - "It was a Polish truck and the driver (default: bomber) was a Pole."
    This version was rolled out through jew media all the world over 4 hours.
    The goal of this fake operation was to distract from Merkel and the civil war which takes place in Western Europe and start hatred against the Poles and Slavs.
    Because of thanks to independent Polish, Russian journalists and witnesses the jew plan failed, they had to make all this stupid story with Tunisian ID founded in the truck.. .

  3. What a Pole thinks of kebab invaders:

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