“Hey Cracker” – Blacks Steal Christmas Presents from NY Firefighter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2016

Blacks are out there literally stealing Christmas.

Can we call this a hate crime?

New York Post:

An FDNY Emergency Medical Technician was slashed and robbed of nearly $3,000 in Christmas gifts — including a drone for his 6-year-old daughter — as he headed to a holiday party early this morning.

Steven Sampson, 41, who was off-duty, pulled over his car at a Bronx intersection just after midnight to sort out his gifts on his way to the Christmas party to meet his cousins.

He was leaning over the trunk of the car at Bolton and Randall Avenues, setting aside the gifts intended for his cousins when he heard, “Hey, Cracker!”

The burly EMT, who’s a 9/11 veteran, turned around and saw four menacing thugs, and one of them reached for his phone.

I caught him in an arm bar and he was like, ‘Please, sir, please, sir, let me go!’ but I knew I had him,” said Sampson, who could play Vin Diesel’s double. “I smashed him in the elbow and felt his humerus crack.”

He delivered a round house punch on the next guy who dropped to the pavement. “I caught [him] in the jaw,” said Sampson, who’s a black belt in judo martial arts.

Meanwhile, he saw the other two goons run off with his $2,600 in gifts. He hurried to his Dodge Charger, locked the doors and sped off.

That’s when he noticed blood gushing from his arm and that he’d been stabbed. “I started leaking all over the car,” he said.

Sampson, of Bronx Battalion 19, drove himself to Jacobi Medical Center.

“I was hemorrhaging in the hospital. My shirt was a soaked rag,” he said.

He didn’t tell his wife, Michell. “I didn’t want to freak her out,” said Sampson, of Clason Point, Bronx. “I just told her, “Hey, hun, I’m gonna be a little late.’”

Sampson got nine stitches as a group of cops surrounded his bed. “I was a big deal last night,” he said. “Every cop was in there. The [Bronx] borough chief was like, ‘What is he f—king Superman?’”

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