Hollywood Liberals Celebrate Child Rapist

Daily Stormer
January 11, 2017

Notable Replies

  1. Hoarde says:

    I know Harrison Ford is a partial Jew but I wouldn't be surprised if Dice is right and that was a look of disgust at the standing ovation for Polanski. Sickening child sodomiser.

  2. EvaKek says:

    Hollywood Liberals Celebrate Child Rapist

    What they're really celebrating is jews.
    Hollywood is a bunch of jews worshipping themselves.

  3. Hoarde says:

    Judaism itself is a bunch of Jews worshipping themselves.

  4. If they really wanted help, then they could get some or even eat a gun to stop little children being damaged.

    What they want is little boys and girls alone without their Parents.

  5. They put an old woman in jail in Germany for questioning the holohoax but a convicted rapist and pedophile is allowed to escape justice and is treated like a hero and given awards because he is a jew. What a sick world we live in.

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